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Wine Storage - Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Wine on Friday nights is a tradition among some. It’s the night before the weekend and friends and family are relaxing with each other, basking in the ambience of their company. For wine lovers, appropriate storage and cellaring is a very important part of keeping their wines in the best condition they can be for consumption.

Wine Racks

For those who love wines and are looking for a small mechanism to fit your bottles in, wine racks are an ideal solution. They hold each bottle horizontally and within their own little compartment so that they don’t touch. Wine racks also appear in a range of materials which you can choose from according to your preference.


This is the most popular material that wine racks are made out of. Different woods are used to build these racks but cedar is one of the more popular, as it gives off a pleasant smell which is great for the entire room. You have to be careful with cedar wine racks though, as their particular scent might seep through the wine corks and interfere with the taste of the wine. Other woods that are popular for racks are Fir, Pine and Mahogany. Wood is a very sturdy material and makes wine storage a lot more secure as it will rarely collapse.


Since metal is more malleable than wood is, it can be bent into shapes that are impossible for wood. It can also be designed and painted to suit any room scheme, making wine storage a lot more symmetrical with your home decor. They are suitable for long-term and short-term storage of wines, with designs ranging from minimalist to a large wall length rack for wine connoisseurs.

Wrought Iron

This is a steady and durable material to use for your wine storage. It ranges from vintage styles to more modern structures. This material is often used for more custom and decorative pieces. Therefore, if you want to display only one or a couple of bottles, this would be perfect for your needs. Although they don’t look strong because of the thinness of the material, they are surprisingly sturdy and will hold your wines securely during storage. Despite its strength, you might like to use this particular wine rack for a small wine collection, maybe some classic flavours so that they are easily accessible and ideal for displaying.

Specialty Racks

If you’re looking for something more specific, you can obtain custom made specialty racks. It might also be that the wine you enjoy is larger than the average bottle size, so you need a more specialised design in order to fit those more comfortably and securely. You can even mount a rack onto a wall and make the racks out of vintage materials such as vinyl records or even glass.

Wine Rooms

Sometimes a rack or several racks isn’t enough for you. If you’re a wine lover and collector, you’ll soon need a room to store all your wines in. Special rooms can be built or converted into wine cellars so that your wines don’t age too quickly or evaporate while still in their bottles. This can also refer to active cellars, which usually store wines above ground and need to be constructed carefully so that they’re insulated.

Wine Cellars

For wine connoisseurs, a seperate room or space to allow their wines to cultivate and age is ideal. Wine lovers even convert their basement or another spare room to a wine cellar. When storing wine, be careful of exposure to the elements or humidity, as this can ruin the wine. Some wine storage facilities even install climate control into the room so that the wine flavours don’t change. Passive wine cellars aren’t usually temperature controlled, however are built underground which helps with regulating the temperature of the cellar.

Wine Caves

This structure is not for the faint-hearted and is generally used by businesses and the ultimate wine lovers. Wine cave constructions didn’t really begin until the 19th century and were used by winemakers to store their wines below their vineyards. They are naturally quite humid, which is good for the wines because if the air is too dry they tend to evaporate. The humidity levels of caves are between 70% and 90%, ideal for both red and white wines.

Wine Refrigerators

Within a wine room or cellar, you can install a wine refrigerator to house all your wines in. It’s a specialised instrument but it will help regulate the temperature and humidity to achieve the ideal conditions. These will also usually have two separate compartments for red and white wines because they have different tolerances and temperaments. This will keep the flavour of the different wines and will also help with preventing sunlight from altering the palate of the wines.

Wine Storage & Cellaring - when you need more space than your home can handle!

Wine storage is getting increasingly popular within households, however for more extensive collections, there is only so much space to house them within your home. There are special storage units that have temperature and humidity control so that you wines will be kept in pristine condition. These units will also prevent sunlight and vibrations from affecting the taste and disturbing the sediment of the wines. Rooms that have been converted into wine cellars must keep out sunlight and not be near any tools that vibrate when in use, such as dryers and washing machines. Windows can also affect the temperature and moisture levels within a room so you keep those windows closed and sealed, as well as installing a blackout curtain to make sure none of the sun’s rays or heat affect the room.

Spacer can help you with finding a space that meets all your requirements. Get in touch with your space’s host and chat about your specific needs, including climate control and humidity levels. Spacer has thousands of spaces to choose from and if you’re worried about an incident occurring with your wine collection, Spacer provides all renters insurance of up to $10,000. So cool your worries and store your wine today.

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