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Case Studies: meet our Spacer hosts making passive income

Meet a Spacer host - Elliot

Elliot, Host

Neutral Bay, NSW

Meet a Spacer host - Kylie

Kylie, Host

Lindfield, NSW

A professional real estate agent, Stella had previously rented out her 3x3.5m underground storage cage in her apartment building via a free trading website, until a bad experience with an unvetted renter resulted in her having to remove the items at her own expense. She discovered Spacer from a story on Channel 7 News, and listed her space on the website in October 2015.

Within a few weeks, Stella was connected with a number of potential renters via direct message and SMS. Naturally cautious following her previous experience, she met with a couple of interested parties, showed the site, and clarified the items to be stored. Both she and the renter, a foreign diplomat who uses the space to store his family’s personal items agreed that the rental would remain open ended, with a 1 month notice period required to vacate. She expects to generate one to one and a half thousand dollars from the space over the year.

Spacer is Stella’s first exposure to a peer to peer marketplace, but as a real estate agent, is now a big advocate for the service. She sees significant value in utilising untenanted space particularly in strata areas and believes that the verification of users, guarantee of payment through the platform and property and goods guarantee provide confidence and safeguards needed as a consumer.


Stella, Host

Bondi Junction, NSW

Traditional Aussies with 2 primary aged children, Lisa and Jon from Greystanes were thrilled when they heard about Spacer from a friend and listed their double garage spaces within 15 minutes with help from the Spacer Customer Service team. “Listing was so easy”, says Jon, “all it took was a few photos of the site, a measurement of the dimensions, and a description of the access requirements we had. The customer service team gave great instructions and created an ad which was up on the site in minutes.”

Lisa and Jon currently rent out one of the spaces for $300 per month to a removalist box company which uses the space to store flat packed boxes. The box company comes on average once a week to pick up and use stored items, and give at least 1 days notice to Jon when they need access to the garage. Lisa is currently reviewing a few other offers to rent out the other garage to local residents seeking to use it for personal storage.

Their first foray into the sharing economy, Lisa is now a firm advocate for Spacer and is sharing the business with all her friends. “It’s like doing a community service, except we also get paid for it which is win win for everybody.”

Lisa and Jon, Host

Greystanes, NSW

As a young mother of 2 children under 5, Lisa understands the value of space (especially for toys). Hearing about Spacer from a friend, she listed her empty storage cage in Neutral Bay on the site in minutes and was surprised at how quickly she received interest in her space.

Within 3 weeks of listing Lisa had received 3 enquiries and offers for the space and accepted an offer from a local resident using the space for personal boxes.

Generating $130 per month, she sees the transaction as passive income requiring very effort from her and hassle free with payment deposited straight into her account each month. Her space is secured and locked, and she provided the key to the renter, meaning she does not need to be present to provide access to the space.

Lisa is a sharing economy advocate, being a regular Uber user and soon to be AirBnB user.

Meet a Spacer host -Lisa

Lisa, Host

Neutral Bay, NSW