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Self Storage Units Commonly Asked Questions

What is Self Storage?

Self storage is the renting of storage space to individuals and small businesses, usually storing household belongings, excess inventory and/or documents. It’s particularly popular at the moment due to increasing high density living.

What’s the most common use for a self-storage unit? According to our community members, it’s one of three reasons;

  1. Moving house, renovating or staging a house for sale
  2. Storing belongings after decluttering or on behalf of a loved one
  3. Storing business inventory

Self storage units cater to most items, including fridges, furniture, documents, clothes, sports equipment and appliances. As long as it’s legal, you can store almost anything with us at Spacer.

What is Peer to Peer Self Storage?

Peer to peer self storage is rentable storage space provided by local homeowners and small businesses. These include spaces such as garages, storage cages and storage rooms that the owners don’t use and have opted to rent out to others in their neighbourhood instead. Because of the increase in locals renting out their unused space, searching for self storage units near me now brings up hundreds more options.

What are the benefits?

  1. Convenience
  2. Affordability
  3. Flexibility

If you have an unused garage or storage cage and are interested in becoming a Host, you can learn more at our How It Works for Hosts page. It’s free to list, our average Host receives their first booking request within a fortnight of signing up, and the average booking length is around 10-12 months, so it’s a great source of easy passive income!

How Much Does Storage Cost?

A small storage space, between 2.5m² and 9m², can cost anywhere between $160 and $290 a month. A medium storage space, 10m² to 15m², can cost $190 to $500 a month and a large storage space, 16m to 40m2, between $275 and $2,000. For businesses looking for warehouse storage (40m² or more), you can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to over $5,000. While the increase in price for warehouse storage space seems steep, it will often include pallet storage services such as forklift operators.

The wide range in prices is a combination of location, demand in the area and level of overhead costs for the self storage unit facility. Peer to peer storage can be up to 50% cheaper than commercial storage units, simply due to lower maintenance costs. From our peer to peer options, garages are the most popular followed by storage cages. The average garage space is 3 metres wide and 5 to 6 metres long and on average, costs around $300 per month. Most commonly, like Spacer, you’ll pay for your self storage unit on a flexible month-to-month basis with no lock-in contracts.

Should I go Peer to Peer or with a Commerical Storage Provider?

There are certainly benefits for both. Commercial storage providers can be more expensive due to higher overhead costs, but they often offer 24 hour security or CCTV surveillance, climate controlled storage options as well as discounted vehicle or trailer hire for big moves. You do have to pay additional fees for insurance coverage, versus peer to peer where insurance is included. You should also keep an eye out for lock-in contracts, although they are much less popular now.

When searching for self storage units near me, peer to peer storage options can offer more convenience, which can be particularly useful if you’re hoping to access your belongings on a regular basis. At Spacer, we have quite a few Renters who store sport equipment such as bikes or surf gear, that they access once a month or only during certain seasons. Their spaces are often 10-15 mins down the road from their homes rather than in an industrial area an hour or more away. On most peer to peer platforms you also have the ability to filter results by the type of space that you need, including features such as security and access type, so you know that the spaces you’re searching through meet your needs.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be protected by our money back guarantee. If you visit the space and realize it’s not the right fit for you, we’ll refund your payment and help you find a spot better suited to your requirements.

Any Tips for Optimizing Space?

Moving items into a self storage space can sometimes feel like a game of tetris. Our favourite tip is to go with a nesting doll approach. Store items within other items, for example, packing your clothes in vacuum sealed bags and popping them back into the wardrobe that’s also going into storage.

We also have some Renters who like to supply their own shelving to keep the space organized and to keep precious belongings off the ground. But if you decide not to go with shelving, don’t underestimate the value of a strong base layer should you wish to stack your items.

Where do you have self-storage spaces?

With over 200,000 members nationally, Spacer is among Australia's top storage marketplaces. We have over 30,000 self-storage spaces for rent that you can conveniently browse and book on our platform. We source available storage spaces from Australian locals who have extra space and business facilities that you can use for your storage needs. Spacer storage spaces are spread throughout Australia – we have rental spaces for storage in Adelaide, storage in Brisbane, storage in Canberra, and many more – so wherever you are in the country, finding a Spacer self-storage space for rent is easy.

You can rent spaces for storage in Melbourne, storage in Sydney, or storage in Perth when you are moving to a new home, for example, and you need temporary storage while you’re rearranging your things. When you are renovating your home or office and you need a place to safely store your valuables, you can also rent spaces for storage in Townsville or storage in Wollongong. Other reasons you might have for needing self-storage units are: terminating a relationship with someone you used to live with, clearing up the home of a departed loved one, traveling away from home for a long period, warehousing inventory for your small business, and a lot more.

When it comes to the items you are allowed to store, there are restrictions such as flammable materials, explosives, weapons, and so on. To be sure, you can always reach the Spacer team and we will be happy to let you know whether your items can be stored in our self-storage facilities or not.

Because we have a suite of self-storage space options, you’re sure to find just what you need to accommodate your storage needs. From small spaces for storing basic items such as excess clothing or kitchen appliances to massive spaces that can hold business equipment or even vehicles, you can easily find what you need at Spacer. Find storage in Darwin, storage in Gold Coast, storage in Hobart, and other places in Australia with Spacer now!

Who are our Peer to Peer Self Storage Hosts?

Our Hosts are families, first-time homeowners, local small business owners, young professionals and retirees who have excess, unused space at home and could use extra income to help pay off a mortgage, offset living costs or even pay for after-school activities.

Extra hands-off income.
It’s free to list.
You set the rules.
Make use of wasted space.
Help a local looking for extra space.
Become a Host

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Search from over 30,000 storage units on Spacer.