10 Top Tips for Renters

Read ad descriptions carefully and ensure the site meets your size and access requirements.
Itemise your goods, take pictures where appropriate and complete the online inventory list of items you intend to store. You must complete the inventory list to be covered by the Spacer Property and Goods Guarantee.
Build trust with your host by showing them what you are leaving in storage.
Ensure your goods are well packed and protected. You should use sturdy cartons that organize and protect your goods during their time in storage, they can add some great peace of mind!
Be respectful of your storage space, you should leave it as you found it. Be careful when moving things in and out not to damage walls, floors etc.
Be respectful of your Host, allow reasonable time to reply to inquiries, give reasonable notice for move-ins. On move in day be: Efficient, Tidy & Thoughtful.
Notify your Host in advance if you are sending others on your behalf to collect goods.
Good communication is the key to a good Renter/Host relationship. Respond promptly, keep to arranged appointments and if you need to change something, notify with plenty of warning.
Complete your transaction via our payments platform. Our insurance and property guarantees, and our terms and conditions are only applicable to the transactions that take place through our site.
Even if you can’t find what you are looking for today, log your request on Spacer Butler, with size, date and storage item requirements. We will register your need and let you know as soon as an appropriate site becomes available.