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Toy Storage Units Commonly Asked Questions

How do you store outgrown toys?

While every family stores them differently, a common consensus is that plastic boxes offer the best protection for outgrown toys. Much like clothes and furniture, making sure they’re dry before storing helps to prevent mould growth. For material dolls, silica gel packets can be a great option to stop mildew buildup. Cardboard boxes can work but only for short-term storage.

Maggie, from Sutherland Photography and Mum of 4, shared with us how her family manages outgrown toys. “We love plastic tubs with lids for anything we plan on keeping. I like to go through stored toys every 6-12 months and donate what I no longer find sentimental. Some toys we have stored are from when I was a kid and I would love to save some of those for my grandkids one day! We use metal shelves in our garage with buckets to store them.”

David, owner of the Knob Company who provides home solution expertise, agrees with Maggie’s storage method. Plastic boxes with lids are easy to stack, keep away dust and dirt and can be kept in the attic. David recommends labelling the contents for easy navigation.

How do you store toys long-term?

Much like antiques, vintage and collectible toys should ideally be stored out of the sunlight and in a temperature controlled environment such as a self-storage unit or even a spare room in the house. Avoid storing in the attic as temperature often fluctuates the most. Experts recommend storing your vintage toys in their original packaging in a plastic tub with a tight-fitting lid. Keep the boxes off the floor to prevent mildew growth. For stuffed toys, you could try vacuum sealed bags.

How much does self-storage cost?

A smaller self-storage unit, ideal for toy storage, can cost between $84/month and $290/month. These spaces can usually hold between 60 and 200 archive boxes. The price of storage units can vary depending on:

  • Location. Storage units are typically cheaper in regional areas due to lower overhead costs. For example, the cost for a 4.5 spm storage unit in Brendale QLD is $40/month cheaper than Milton.
  • Current Demand. Storage units at traditional self-storage facilities become more expensive when there’s few available. Peak storage season is usually around mid to late spring, which is when storage units are likely to be the most expensive.
  • Access. Ground level, driveway access storage units often come at a premium, even for the smaller storage unit sizes. You pay extra for the easier move-in, sometimes equating to an extra $30 a month or more.
  • Features. Whether that’s more security, added insurance or a temperature controlled unit, these features can increase the price of your rental.

If you’re thinking about trying peer-to-peer self-storage options, storage cages and spare rooms are ideal. If you’re looking to store larger items such as outgrown play equipment, you can choose to rent a single or double garage. Garages are great if you’re planning to visit your storage space regularly and you can usually find an affordable space close to home. Don’t forget, renting with Spacer includes up to $10,000 insurance coverage so your belongings are protected with our Hosts.

Who are our Peer to Peer Toy Storage Hosts?

Our Hosts are families, first-time homeowners, local small business owners, young professionals and retirees who have excess, unused space at home and could use extra income to help pay off a mortgage, offset living costs or even pay for after-school activities.

Extra hands-off income.
It’s free to list.
You set the rules.
Make use of wasted space.
Help a local looking for extra space.
Become a Host

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