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Clothes Storage Units Commonly Asked Questions

We spoke to experts Marco, certified interior designer at HouseGrail, Brenda, professional organizer at TidyMySpace and Brian from TimeShatter to get their recommendations on storing clothes long-term.

How do you store clothes long term? How should you pack them?

Our experts recommend plastic lidded bins and garment bags to store clothes long-term, which help keep out pests, humidity, dust and water. Cardboard boxes can be used but preferably for short-term storage only. Vacuum sealed bags are a great option, but only if the clothes won’t be damaged after being crushed for an extended period of time. Before storing, make sure to thoroughly wash and dry all clothing.

“Items that typically hang up should be stored that way. Otherwise they'll have creases that may not come out. Place them in garment bags or an old bed sheet folded in half with a hole cut out for the hanger hook. This keeps the dust off the garment. If you must store them in a trunk or bin, put the thicker heavier items on the bottom and the lighter items on the top. Wrap any white blouses in white tissue paper to prevent any yellowing. For heavier items like sweaters, these should be folded and put into a vacuum bag. Stack them in the bag neatly to reduce the space that they take up.” - Brenda

How do you keep clothes smelling fresh in storage?

Cedar chips! Not only do they keep pests away and keep your clothes smelling fresh, they’re a more natural alternative to mothballs. They’re readily available online or in your local homeware or department store.

“Bugs and mice are naturally repelled by the smell of cedar, so chips offer a very natural alternative to chemical-laden mothballs. Make sure your clothes have been washed and thoroughly dried before you fold them and put them in your storage container. Any moisture will allow for potential mold growth, which will ruin your clothes.” - Brian

How do you preserve clothes in storage?

To preserve clothes in storage, silica gel packs are a great way to prevent moisture build up and eventual mold growth.

“To keep your clothes from starting to get mildew, place silica gel packs in the bins. These packages help absorb moisture and keep it closed from growing mold. Ideally go into your storage area and refold the clothes each month.” - Marco

For your precious heirlooms, for example wedding dresses, Brenda recommends working with a professional dry cleaner before putting the item into storage. “Professional dry cleaners use a specific cleaning solution and provide a sealed container that can help keep the oxygen out. Oxygen exposure can yellow anything white and destroy cloth.”

Will clothes get ruined in a storage unit?

No, your clothes won’t be ruined in a storage unit. In fact, our experts preferred it over an attic space, particularly if the storage unit was temperature controlled.

Who are our Peer to Peer Clothes Storage Hosts?

Our Hosts are families, first-time homeowners, local small business owners, young professionals and retirees who have excess, unused space at home and could use extra income to help pay off a mortgage, offset living costs or even pay for after-school activities.

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