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Love watching reality TV like DIY home renovations? Many of us do, with the secret wish that those transformations can take place in our own homes. So, why can’t they? The garage that’s currently out of use or simply a cluttered storage space deserves your attention and simply needs some TLC to look like one of those makeovers.

Yes, you need a few skills, but this article and a few YouTube videos will teach you all you need to know. (If a lady could build an entire house by watching YouTube, imagine what’s possible if you just want to change a room).

Then, yes, you need some money. Newsflash: it can be cheaper than you think and if you use one of the renovation ideas below, the room eventually pays for itself. In fact, your space may even be more valuable than you think. Stay tuned as we run through 15 genius ideas to make use of your space, including how Spacer works.

Create a New Office
House a Small Business
More Affordable—and Practical—Boat Storage
Need a Spare Room?
Build A Home Gym
Use it for Storage

Makes thousands from your unused garage, storage cage or car space

To date, we’ve helped Spacer hosts make over $25 million from space that was gathering dust. If you’ve got space to spare, you can list it for free on our site in less than 5 minutes! Help locals in your neighbourhood store their documents, furniture or even cars and make up to $450 a month.

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Note that Australian legislation may require development approval to convert a garage structure into a living space. Local councils in your area may also have unique guidelines you need to follow regarding parking facilities on residential properties. So, check with experts like architects in your area if you’re unsure about what you’re legally allowed to do.

However, you may already have the resources to make an additional income stream a reality. Simply pick one of these methods—the little money you’ll spend to prepare the space will be a wise investment in your future.

And if you have more ideas, please share with us below.

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We often see hoarding dramatised and made a spectacle of in the form of reality tv shows and news articles, but we wanted to dig a little deeper. If the clutter around your own place is starting to pile up, there’s no need to feel ashamed! In fact, a recent Spacer poll showed that most people in Australia hoard items to a certain extent, even if it's just clothing.

If your garage is being used for furniture storage at the moment, you might be wondering if you can start using that space for something more useful. Now’s your chance to clear out your garage clutter to make room for your very own home gym, complete with a stretching area, water station, exercise equipment and whatever else you can envision for your state-of-the-art exercise room.

Before you know it, summer will be here in full force, and it’s time to hit the drawing board with your balcony ideas. We’ve been looking for the best balcony garden looks and inviting balcony furniture, plus all the other trendy balcony ideas that are going to make this summer one to remember.

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