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We often see hoarding dramatised and made a spectacle of in the form of reality tv shows and news articles, but we wanted to dig a little deeper. If the clutter around your own place is starting to pile up, there’s no need to feel ashamed! In fact, a recent Spacer poll showed that most people in Australia hoard items to a certain extent, even if it's just clothing. For example, over 70% of people tend to feel at least some level of anxiety when they need to throw away personal possessions. And of course, most of us (>30%) always need to clean up first before having company over.

To some extent, we all struggle with managing our‘ stuff’. But, it’s important to realise that excessive clutter in a home can have an effect on quality of life.

We spoke to licensed psychiatrist, Melisssa Shepard (MD), who also teaches a course on anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders at John Hopkins Hostpial, to get the facts. We also sat down with Rowena Murakami, Co-Founder and Masterchef of Tiny Kitchen Divas Blog, to get the first-hand perspective of someone who found herself in a tough time where she just couldn’t seem to be able to throw anything away. In this article, we’ll outline everything from how to help a hoarder and how Spacer works if you need any more motivation to clear up your space.

Are You a Hoarder?
Is Your Friend or Family Member a Hoarder?
What is Hoarding?
What is the Difference Between Collecting and Hoarding?
Is There a Link Between Hoarding, Anxiety, Depression and OCD?
What Causes Hoarding?
What are Some Key Signs to Look Out for?
What can You Do? For Yourself or Someone Else?

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Sometimes it’s all it takes—just someone or something showing us the way. As Marie Kondo has helped many, we hope these insights can help you. Will you earn some cash by being a storage host, become an accountability partner or talk to a professional?

Whether you’re the hoarder or the friend, you have many options. Please share your stories and experiences to help others facing the same challenge.

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Love watching reality TV like DIY home renovations? Many of us do, with the secret wish that those transformations can take place in our own homes. So, why can’t they? The garage that’s currently out of use or simply a cluttered storage space deserves your attention and simply needs some TLC to look like one of those makeovers.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), hoarding pertains to the insistent reluctance in disposing or getting rid of belongings regardless of their definite value. This can lead to the development of harmful effects on a hoarder’s behavior, including their physical, emotional, financial, social, or even legal wellbeing.

Holy mess! Are you surrounded by chaos and disarray? Is your life a hodgepodge of litter and bedlam? Maybe understanding how to declutter your home will help you with putting some order into your home and life. People who take action in decluttering their lives and homes swear by its life-changing effect.

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