Victoria University

Victoria University has one of the most inspiring and engaging histories among the many universities in Australia. VU first started as a technical school after five years of fundraising. It had only 200 students and nine teachers. In 1990, the academic facility managed to reach the status of university and is now providing education to over 27,000 students, both locally and internationally.

VU has one of the most advanced research institutes in the country and is providing vocational education, training, and seminars with Victoria Polytechnic. It has 11 facilities throughout Melbourne and Sydney, providing specific educational services to its students. VU expanded its educational scope in order to help students from other cities in Victoria receive efficient and quality education. Students are required to report to campuses according to their program. For example, business and multimedia programs are offered in City Flinders whilst engineering courses are provided at Sunshine.

Public Transport

Students may travel via train, bus, or trams when going to the different campuses of VU. International students who use public transportation to go to VU may also apply for the iUSEpass for discounted transport fair rates.

Trains, Buses, and Trams

Most of the campuses are near each other, especially the ones in Flinders. There are several stations, bus stops, and tram lines all over the university. VU urges students to visit the university’s official website for more information about navigating its various campuses. It has a direction guide platform, which allows people to plan out their trips.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Parking

Aside from Flinders Street parking, there are numerous parking areas in most of the campuses like the Sunshine parking, Werribee West parking, Footscray Park campus parking, and more. Student parking in these areas cost $2.20 for two hours and $5.60 for all-day parking. They can also book their parking slots early on to secure one through the EasyPark ticketing system.

Street parking is also available outside the campuses for vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. In addition, residences within the premise of the university have their own areas for parking, which is called the University Residence parking or UR. However, a special permit is required for its use.

Need Parking Near Victoria University?

Many students drive their car to the campuses but have trouble with VU parking, with the many students, staff & visitors similarly searching in the area. May it be Flinders Street parking or parking on Sunshine, trying to find a place where you can park your car can be a real hassle.

To seek out the best parking spaces throughout the university like the ones along Flinders street or Footscray Park, visit Spacer now. These spots are offered by locals who have their own residential or commercial properties near the campuses. With nothing to do with these spaces, they offer the said spaces to others who may need them. Parking is guaranteed, affordable and convenient.

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