Parking at University of Queensland

“Scientia ac Labore” or “By means of knowledge and hard work” is the motto of the prestigious University of Queensland, which is situated proudly in the state’s capital, Brisbane. The university’s roots can be traced back to 1909 when it was founded by the state parliament. UQ is the second home of more than 50,000 students, both local and international. It offers a wide variety of programs such as business administration, life sciences, humanities and IT. It is also one of the elites when it comes to research studies that tackle mining engineering and life sciences.

UQ has a number of campuses and facilities all over the state, with the main campus located in the suburb of St Lucia. There are also campuses in Gatton, Herston, and Brisbane. Each of the campuses offers its own unique environment and architectural design. With several buildings scattered around the area, it is important for students, faculties, and visitors to familiarize themselves with going in and out of the campuses.

Public Transport

UQ offers a few shuttle bus services to its students for free. There are also other options like taking the train, driving to school, or walking, which may be good for those who live nearby. It is a good thing that UQ provides an online map across all campuses.


There are more than five train stations within four km of St Lucia. The closest stations to the main campus are Park Road, Toowong, and Dutton Park. For students in the Herston campus, the nearest train stations are Windsor and Fortitude Valley. The train for Gatton is not the recommended option because the available line takes two hours.


UQ has the Intercampus Express Bus Service, which connects to St Lucia and Gatton. On the other hand, the Long Pocket Shuttle Bus Service links St Lucia to Long Pocket. There are several bus stops all over the state that will take students where they need to go. UQ’s transport guide in its official website lists all the bus routes that will take students to and from the campus.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Parking

Parking is limited in UQ, especially during the teaching periods. There are parking areas within the university campuses, but most of them charge parking fees that range from $2.50/hour to $5 all day, depending on where you choose to park. UQ is also strict when it comes to its parking regulations for students, faculty members, and visitors. Permit parking in the university is available only for the faculty and their visitors. Of course, students may resort to street or metre parking, but spaces, as always, are not guaranteed.

Need Parking Near University of Queensland?

UQ Parking can be a big hassle for many students, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If all the parking spaces are taken, then it is time to find an exclusive one. Some of the people who live near the campuses are offering their spare parking spaces for rent. This makes UQ parking a lot easier because these parking spots are guaranteed to be yours once you rent them.

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