10 Top Tips for Host

Be as clear as you in describing your site (access, size etc.) and remember to post a photo. Highlight key attributes such as distance to public transportation and ease of access.
Express how much access you are willing to provide (full, 9-5, etc.) – this is an important factor for many renters.
Review the price benchmarks and set rates accordingly.
Be clear on what your storage space “rules” are.
Respond (within 24 hours) to rental requests by SMS or phone.
Arrange site visit (if required) and keep storage area clean and tidy for move in.
Upload a personal photo and provide your details: they give renters confidence in the transaction.
Complete your transaction via our payments platform. All transactions completed via our site are covered by our insurance and property guarantees, and are protected by the terms and conditions of use. We cannot guarantee any rental payments completed outside our gateway.
After your first transaction, leave a referral for the renter and our site. Your referral helps build trust in our marketplace and its users.
Patience is virtuous! While the average time it takes to match you to a renter is 10-15 days, it can take longer.