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10 Top Tips for Hosts

  • 01
    Be Clear when Describing your Space
    Don’t forget to add the dimensions of your space and a few photos! Highlight key attributes such as distance to public transport and ease of access.
  • 02
    Set your Rules
    Your space, your rules! Rules could include things like access times (eg. 24/7 or 9am – 5pm).
  • 03
    Review the Price Benchmarks
    Check what other spaces in your area are charging and set your rates accordingly.
  • 04
    Be Proactive
    If possible, please respond within 24 hours to booking requests by SMS, phone or email. Accepting or declining quickly will help you find your ideal Renter!
  • 05
    Arrange a Space Visit
    Before your new Renter starts using your space, try to arrange a visit. Walk them through how to access the space and make sure that it meets their needs. This will help you avoid any potential conflict in the future.
  • 06
    Keep Your Area Clean and Tidy for Move In
    Move in day will go more smoothly if you have a clean and designated space for your new Renter to use.
  • 07
    Upload a Profile Picture
    Upload a personal photo and share a bit about yourself! Renters will feel more comfortable if they know a little bit about you.
  • 08
    Use our Payments Platform
    Please complete your transaction via our payment platform. All transactions completed via our site are covered by our insurance, property and money back guarantees, and are protected by the terms and conditions of use. We cannot guarantee any rental payments completed outside our gateway.
  • 09
    Refer a Friend
    Love Spacer? Share us with a friend! Earn $20 for every friend you refer and they’ll earn a bonus $20 too!
  • 10
    Can’t Find your Perfect Renter?
    Please note that on average, it takes 10-15 days after signing up to find your ideal Renter. If you are struggling to find a good match, please call us on 1300 500 538, chat to us online or email us at [email protected]. We’ll help you find someone perfect for your space!