2017 Spacer Start-Up Marketing Scholarship


Spacer is the Marketplace for Space. We are Australia’s premier peer to peer marketplace for storage space, where we connect people with space to people who need space. Think of us as the AirBnB of Self Storage.


Spacer will provide financial support for Marketing Graduates who are interested in marketing for a startup business. .


Applicant must be a full-time student at a college or university. Scholarship is available to a student in the Bachelor and or Master studies of Marketing, Business or Technologies.

In order to be eligible, students must be an Australian, United Kingdom, United States citizen or permanent resident enrolled as a full time junior or senior in marketing or technology program at the University.

  • Value: AUD $1,250.00
  • Length of Scholarship: One Term/Semester
  • Closing Date/ Deadline for entries: 12th April 2017

Submit your applications to 
Application status: Now Open
Further Contact Details: For additional information please contact Emma Lewis - 

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Convenient - local, flexible, easy

Secure – $5,000 guarantee

Cheaper - up to 50% savings