Queensland University of Technology

“A University for the Real World.” This is the motto of the competitive Queensland University of Technology, established back in 1989 in Brisbane, Queensland. QUT started out as an institute and was granted university status. According to the QUT’s 2016 statistics, there is a total of 48,833 students enrolled in it, of whom 7,847 are international students. The university also has over 12,500 staff members.

QUT has three campuses, namely Gardens Point, Kelvin Grove, and Caboolture. All campuses shelter modern facilities and technologies, providing the best educational services for all the students.

Public Transport

Public transportation to all QUT campuses is easy, especially if one is familiar with the type of transportation to take and where they are located. Students, faculties, and visitors can take the train, the bus, ferries, and taxis. On the other hand, individuals who reside near the campuses can either walk or ride their bicycle to the facilities.


Students, staff and visitors going to the Gardens Point campus can either take the Central train station or South Bank station. There is also a train station near the Kelvin Grove campus. Most of the train rides that come and go are regularly scheduled, making it easier for commuters to plan travel.


QUT provides free shuttle rides for people traveling from the Gardens Point campus to the one in Kelvin Grove. The university also has an operational free night shuttle ride that can drop people off at nearby car parks across the city of Brisbane. In addition, there is a number of bus stops all over the city that can transport students, faculties, and visitors to all three campuses.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Parking

QUT parking is available for the students, staff members, and the general public, although the university prioritizes its students and staff members. Note that QUT parking is limited and cannot accommodate everyone who drives their cars to and from school. Some of the alternatives include permit parking and street parking. Casual parking is also available but requires parking fees. As such, QUT encourages individuals who travel with cars to make early arrangements in order to avoid any hassle.

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