Macquarie University

One of the younger universities of Sydney, Macquarie University was established in 1964 and has a large main campus located in Macquarie Park. Additionally, the university has a sport and aquatic centre, hospital, art galleries and a research park. The university campus is so large that it has its own postcode and train station. The library houses over 1.8 million items and is the first university in Australia to contain an automated storage and retrieval system. equipping their students with industry experience.

Public Transport

Trains and buses are the main forms of transport used by students in addition to driving. As the university has its own station, there are lines that connect to main trainlines for student ease.


The T1 Northern line train from Hornsby to the City via Macquarie University takes students directly to the university station which is located on the outskirts of the campus. Services run every 15 minutes from both sides of the line.


The campus has 2 bus stops that are directly on campus. These are located on University Ave and Balaclava Rd. Buses also stop off-campus on Herring Rd as well as Macquarie Centre, both within easy walking distance of the campus. The university also offers students, staff and guests a free shuttle bus service that operates every 30 minutes and transports people to buildings, the train stations and student accommodation.

On-Campus & Off-Campus Parking

Macquarie University has its own car park which caters to both outside and covered parking. Students who wish to park on campus are able to obtain an annual permit for $370, half yearly permit for $217 or a monthly permit for $115. There are over 15 car parks for students and staff to use as well as many bicycle racks for students who cycle to the campus. If students are reluctant to purchase a parking permit, there are street parking options outside of the university in the neighbouring suburb of Marsfield. As it is a residential area, street parking is open to the public, and students are able to walk or catch public transport into the university campus.

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