Griffith University Parking

Founded in 1971, Griffith University is the first university in Australia to introduce degrees in environmental science and Asian studies. Named after Sir Samuel Walker Griffith, it is composed of at least 46,000 students and is located in South East Queensland. The university is composed of five campuses, two in the Nathan suburb, one in Mt. Gravatt, one in the Gold Coast, and the last one along the South Bank of Brisbane, with the biggest one in the Gold Coast. All of Griffith University’s facilities offer modern and innovative spaces to students, faculties and visitors. They promote a productive environment for learning, socializing, and living.

Public Transport

Public transportation is always the ideal way to travel to and from the university. Students, faculties and guests can either take the train or bus. For people who prefer driving a car to school, it is important to consider the Griffith University parking and all available options.


There are a number of train stations that surround the two Nathan campuses and that can transport students to nearby cities. The closest station to Nathan and Mt. Gravatt is the Salisbury Station. There are also a few train stations near the Gold Coast and South Bank campuses. It is easy to navigate train schedules online to avoid being confused when going to a particular campus in the university.


Griffith University provides free shuttle bus trips for students travelling from the Nathan campuses to Mt. Gravatt and vice versa. These buses are filling up passengers at the Circuit, just outside the Bray Centre in Nathan and behind the auditorium at Mt Gravatt. It is easy for students to catch a bus going to any Griffith campus.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Parking

There are regulated parking areas in all the Griffith campuses, but these parking spaces need to be paid for. The university also has a virtual permit handed to students to guarantee parking for a limited time. The university caters to everyone, including people driving motorcycles and people with disabilities. Of course, street parking outside the campuses is also an option, but a parking permit is required. More information about parking across the campuses of Griffith University is provided on their website. Griffith University parking can be a hassle, especially if you are unprepared.

Need Parking Near Griffith University

There are instances when all parking spaces are occupied at a given time. This is why it is important to know the other options you have when it comes to parking.

There are a number of people residing near the campuses who offer their spaces for rent. To be specific, these spaces can either be used for storage, safekeeping, supply rooms, or as a parking space. Visit Spacer today to learn more about the available parking spaces within the vicinity of all the campuses.

If you live in Nathan, near Griffith University and you have a spare car space available, rent it out to students in need and earn up to $420/month!