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Ticking off New Years Resolutions

Christmas is fast approaching and with the coming of the New Year, so comes the want for a fresh start. Whether it be to clean out the garage or finding a place to store old furniture, Spacer is ready to help you find a space that stores more items than Santa’s present sack.

The New Year also brings out more daring plans and resolutions which may include changing diets to include more healthy food options and travelling the world. We may not be able to help you with choosing which fruits and vegetables you want to eat more of, however we may have a solution to storing your belongings while you enjoy the sights of Santorini and Venice.


We all know the struggles one has to go through in order to find parking, especially in and around the CBD area. Now that we’ve come to the Christmas holiday period, parking is still no easier. If you’re travelling over this period, you might like to try renting your own storage unit so that your vehicle is protected for the duration of your trip. Since there is a higher chance of your house being broken into when you’re on holidays, it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions with your vehicle. Keeping it stored in a secure location with insurance, would ensure that your vehicle is taken care of. You are also able to dictate the duration of your vehicle’s stay within the space as well as select from a range of access options.

It’s also useful for when you’re commuting to and from work. It can often be a hassle to catch public transport to remote locations everyday, especially if you haven’t the good fortune of living near a large station. You may end up having to catch multiple buses and trains, taking up a sizeable portion of your morning. Renting a space could be the answer to all your problems. You’ll be able to cut down your travel time as well as the time it takes for you to find a parking spot in the busy streets of the city and commercial districts.

As a university student, sometimes you’re blessed with the good fortune of having a designated car parking area within the campus. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and some city campuses aren’t equipped with carparks, or are hard to find and utilise. Spacer allows for people who have spare room in their garages for students who live on campus and have nowhere to park their car long-term.


When you’re thinking about cleaning out the garage or attic for the New Year, you usually think about sorting your items into piles: to discard or to keep. What do you do with the belongings that you wish to keep? Putting them back into the newly cleaned garage/attic isn’t an option, it’s a step back from your resolution. You might decide to donate or discard some of your furniture for a complete start over, however some pieces you may intend to keep and you’ll need a space for it. With Spacer, you’ll be able to find an area suitable for your specifications and store your items for whatever time necessary.

If you are about to spread your wings and leave the nest at the beginning of next year, you need to think about where to store your bed frame and mattress, where to put away your clothes and shoes and what pieces of furniture you’re able to take with you in the move. Spacer is able to help with finding you a space perfect for your needs. You’re able to rent it for however long you need and move all your belongings out in one clean shift.

Maybe you and your partner have just moved in together, or are thinking about moving in together, and have brought your already existing furniture along with you. It’s highly likely that they won’t match and you’ll have to go shopping for new furniture pieces. However, you are reluctant to part with your old pieces that hold sentimental value for you. What do you do? Store it! With Spacer, you’ll be able to find a renter offering you a space to put your cherished pieces in without having to give them up entirely. Your partner will also be able to do this and you’ll have a place for your fond memorabilia while building your new lives and making new memories together.

It doesn’t have to be just furniture you store for the New Year. If you have an overflow of office or personal documents and photo albums, consider using a self-storage space for your belongings so that even though they’re no longer in your home, you’ll still have them. With clothing, it could be as simple as sorting them out into seasons. During the hotter months of the year like Christmas and New Years months, you are able to break out the t-shirts, shorts and dresses, and during the colder months of the year, you’re able to store away your summer gear while you bring out the fleece jumpers and woolen socks. Sometimes there just isn’t enough room in your closet for all your clothes, but with your added space, you have room for all seasons.

While Christmas and New Year’s Day are festive events that everyone should be enjoying with family, friends and loved ones, it’s also important to think about your belongings if you decide to go away for the holiday period. Make sure that your cars are parked in safe and secure locations, or valuables are stored away in self-storage units. Spacer can help you to locate spaces suited to your needs and tick one more thing off your New Year’s resolutions list.


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