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Top 10 Office Storage Savers You Can Get from Officeworks

Are you a start-up or a small business enterprise that has to make do with a small office as you build your business? With proper storage and organisation, your small office space can be enough to meet your current needs.

To help you out, here are ten of the best storage savers you can purchase from Officeworks:

  1. Shredders

There are times when you need to get rid of a document—usually it’s to keep the office tidy. Whatever it is that you need to get rid of, consider it done with a shredder. Officeworks offers a variety of shredders to choose from. With one, you no longer have to deal with a pile of unwanted papers. The paper clippings that are the result of the shredding can be put into recycling or even have some storage uses, such as being used as padding for when you store your more fragile things in boxes.

2. Archive Boxes

When it comes to storing a heap of documents for later use, you can count on archive boxes. You can stack them up or pile them under tables or desks, utilising space you rarely use. However, it is ideal to have archived files stored in a separate room, especially if you have a bunch of them.

3. Lever Arch Folders

Arch folders are convenient for organising documents. You might not save plenty of space using one, but you will avoid the headache of locating certain papers. You can label each folder and easily pull it out of a shelf when needed.

One folder can hold up to 375 sheets of paper. Aside from keeping your office organised, you also get to contribute to a good cause. By purchasing one at Officeworks, you are helping the Restoring Australia project where Officeworks plants two trees for every one used.

4. Stackable Drawers

If your documents are piling up, this is a perfect tool. You can stack a drawer on top of another so that you can maximise space. If you think a stackable drawer is not fit for you, you can check the latest Officeworks catalogue which features a variety of office drawers and organisers.

5. Portable Hard Drives

For the growing size of your soft copy files, a Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0 is what you need. It is a simple drag-and-drop hard drive that improves the storage power of your computer. It has a slim design that is perfect to take anywhere and can fit on any desk. It also comes with massive storage capacity options to choose from: 1TB, 2TB, and 3TB. With a fast transfer rate, you never have to spend much time waiting just to get your files loaded or transferred.

6. Key Storage Safes

You often take your keys for granted such that they can be seen strewn across desks and drawers. Thankfully, Officeworks has a solution for your key storage needs. There are storage safes made whether it be for a few keys or for hundreds of them. What is important is that your keys are secure in safes equipped with combination locks. Some can also be mounted on the wall.

7. Lockers

Bags and other personal belongings across the office are not pleasing to the eyes. Luckily, you can get lockers at Officeworks. You have plenty of choices—from a one-door to a 12-door locker. However, certain delivery fees may apply as it is a large item. As such, it is ideal to pick up the item in an Officeworks branch near you. The Officeworks opening hours vary, depending on your location.

8. Portable Folding Sit Stand Desk

This type of desk is a must-have, especially for those who are not comfortable sitting for long hours in front of a computer. This ergonomic desk can be adjusted if you prefer standing or sitting whilst working. Because it is small and portable, you can save space and grab it when you’re on the go.

9. Workstation Cluster

This is perfect if you want to save space in a certain area of your office and if you want to have a collaborative workspace.

10. Printers  

The Officeworks printing department has a lot to offer when it comes to innovative and extremely useful printers. Take this HP printer for example. The OfficeJet Pro 8740 All-in-One Printer has a tray with a capacity to hold 500 sheets of paper (already a storage for you). It is capable of two-sided printing and scanning and can also be used wirelessly.

With plenty of office supplies to choose from, you can give your office a wonderful, fresh look after shopping for Officeworks printing machines, drawers and file organisers. What’s even more exciting is they always have something new. Just check the Officeworks catalogue to get hold of the best deals and new arrivals.

Alternative Storage Option

If you’re not keen on making any more purchases for your office, an alternative is for you to rent storage space from Spacer. Spacer has listings of different kinds of storage spaces, including ones for documents, furniture pieces and even cars. All you need to do is sign up, search for your preferred storage space, then book one. For more information, visit Spacer now!


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