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Bathroom Storage: The Essentials

If you’re looking to transform your bathroom from ordinary to luxury, you’ll be amazed at what a difference upgrading your bathroom storage can make. Whether you’re looking to wow your guests with a clean and modern guest bathroom, or you’d like to make your master bath into an at-home spa, there are a few simple bathroom storage ideas that will take your bathroom to the next level.

Spacer has your guide to bathroom storage essentials so that you can have the bathroom of your dreams in no time! Take a look at our five bathroom storage tips for your diy bathroom upgrade:

Tip #1: Rely on the “less is more” model

We’re starting with this tip because minimalism is an effective way to make your bathroom look clean and organised. The less you have in your bathroom, the larger it will look and easier cleaning will be. 


Take a look at your bathroom right now. Are the counters covered with bottles, containers, and towels? Do you have an array of candles in your bathroom? How about plants and other decorations? If you answered yes to all of those questions, you might have a busy looking bathroom. It might be time to say goodbye to some of your bathroom clutter.


If you’re ready to try a more minimalist look, try taking everything out of the bathroom and then introducing items back in mindfully, starting with only the essentials. You might find that your bathroom looks amazing without all of the extra decorations – and don’t be surprised if you realise that you have more care products than you actually need or use regularly. Say goodbye to those extra items, or store them in a less visible place.


Pro tip: If you don’t want to remove your plants, try hanging them from the ceiling to free up shelf and floor space. 

Tip #2: Organise your linen storage

There are two ways that linen storage can change the look of your bathroom. When done well, proper linen storage can make the space look like a trip to a fancy spa or hotel. But when disorganised, linen storage can make you feel like you’re in a laundry room – not the way you want to go. 


Don’t worry – there’s an easy fix. For a guest bathroom, display towels in plain sight with an open shelving unit or the Maine Multipurpose 4 Tier Ladder. This works for one or two towel sets – just make sure that they’re tightly rolled and stacked in a way that looks clean and organised. 


If, on the other hand, you’re storing more than one or two sets of towels, think about more discreet bathroom storage ideas. Look for a bathroom cabinet with doors, such as the Hamptons 1 Door 5 Tier Shelf Multipurpose Cupboard. While tall and spacious enough to house all of your bathroom linens, the sleek design of this bathroom cupboard will make your bathroom look organised.   


Now, what if you’ve been using your bathroom cupboard as backup storage for other household items? Well, our organisation experts suggest that you clear that clutter out! While it can be tempting to store your extra sheets and off-season blankets with your bathroom linens, you’ll find yourself having to fold and refold those items as you access your more frequently used towels. Instead, store your extra sheets in a more appropriate area such as in a flat plastic box under the bed or a bedroom storage ottoman at the foot of the bed. 


As for your off-season linens such as heavy blankets and quilts, you might consider packing them up and placing them in storage where they’ll be better protected when not in use. Whether you live in a major city like Melbourne or an outer suburb, Spacer has plenty of affordable storage options for your lesser used items so that they don’t take over your bathroom storage.

Tip #3: Get smart about small item bathroom storage 

A huge challenge in making a bathroom look clean and organised is figuring out what to do with small items – lotions, candles, combs, toothbrushes, and all the rest. While those items are important, mindful bathroom storage can prevent them from making your counters look messy.


First, start with elegant storage containers. Trendy jar sets and matching woven baskets can hold your bathroom essentials, such as your everyday items, bath salts collection and other self pampering supplies.


For other supplies, from hair dryers to shaving kits, the right bathroom furniture will be a big help in keeping the space organised. Look for vanities and wash basin cabinets with plenty of built in storage to house – and hide – your commonly used items. 


And how about the small items in your guest bedroom? Luckily, you don’t need too many small items to begin with – hand soap, lotion, and perhaps a candle or plant is plenty. And for overnight guests, you can store small items in a cute bathroom essentials tray. They’ll love the added thought that you put into providing your guests with a travel toothbrush, razor, comb, and other small supplies they might have forgotten to bring. When you’re not entertaining, the tray can be stored out of the way to keep your counters clear.


When it comes to small items, elegant and practical storage containers, as well as plenty of drawers and storage spaces will help you keep your bathroom organised. You can also store your items with more intention: less frequently used items go in the back of the bathroom cupboard or on the higher shelves, and everyday essentials are at your fingertips.

Tip #4: Take extra care with small bathrooms

Small bathrooms pose even more of a challenge when it comes to cleanliness and organisation. Not only will you have fewer options for storage, but every extra item will shrink the space. Here are a few organisation hacks that can help:

  • Be even more intentional about minimalism. Small bathrooms have less room for unnecessary clutter, so make sure that everything has a clear purpose.

  • Stick to neutral colors, which will make the space look more airy and open.

  • Invest in storage furniture designed for tight spaces. Take a look at the Artiss Bathroom Storage Toilet Cabinet Caddy, which can slide into small spaces and provide you with maximum storage.

  • Utilise your over toilet storage space. Shelving above your toilet can free up valuable floor space and make items more easily accessible. 

Tip #5: Practice tidying up more frequently

Even for the tidiest among us, bathrooms never seem to stay perfectly organised. Luckily, the tips we’ve covered here – from practical storage containers to specially-designed bathroom furniture – are all about setting you up for success. To help the space stay beautifully organised throughout the year, make sure to schedule in some tidying up time. This can mean consolidating bottles of shampoo, checking your products’ expiration dates, and getting rid of the items that you don’t use. Doing this a few times per month will mean that your storage containers don’t become disorganised and cluttered under your nose. 

You’re going to love these simple bathroom storage upgrades!

By now, it should be obvious that a few easy adjustments to your bathroom can transform your space from cluttered mess to at-home spa. With functional, sleek bathroom furniture and clever storage hacks, you’ll love how relaxing and inviting your bathroom becomes! 


Have your own ideas about the best bathroom makeovers? Reach out and share your bathroom storage secrets with us!

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