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It all started with one dress but I’ve now made over $20k   Stay at home mum Yannick was able to spend money on dresses she liked and then rent them out, earning more than $20,000

Seniors embrace sharing economy    The sharing economy has been growing exponentially in Australia and shows no signs of slowing down, currently being predicted to grow into a

Angry Nerd: Just Get Out Of My Space   The sharing economy has been successful in that its users are content with renting out things like space and parking spots. There are

Sharing economy booms as Australians yearn for extra cash   People are trying self-employment with the help of sharing economy businesses such as Airtasker and Spacer. Many people who provides goods and services

Featured Academic Host: The Sharing Hub   The Sharing Hub is an Australian company that provides tips, advice and tricks to navigating the sharing economy. With approximately half of the

Money saving venture for shire family with Camplify   The sharing economy is on the rise. A family from the Sutherland Shire has earned more than $20,000 in just 7 months of

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