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Parking tips
Irene Gotley

New Year’s Eve Parking in Sydney

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and people are rushing to make plans before the New Year arrives. The fireworks displays in Sydney

Parking tips
Kylie Caitbayan

New Year’s Eve Parking Tips for Melbourne

New Year’s Eve in Melbourne is a very special event with around 700,000 visitors each year to watch the Melbourne New Year’s Eve fireworks. It

Parking tips

How much does it cost to own a car? [Updated 2021]

We break down exactly how much it costs to own a car by cities around Australia. Whether you live in Sydney, Brisbane or Hobart – you deserve to know how much that new shiny ride is really going to cost you.

Automated Car Washes—Are They Good or Bad?

Properly maintaining your car is a responsibility. It starts with keeping it clean to prevent rust from building up. Whether you’re heading out to a meeting or to an event,

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