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Beach Road Trip: Sydney to Melbourne Drive

Road trips are a perfect way to have a break from work. They are also great for having an adventure with your family and friends. If you are looking forward to an adventure in Melbourne, Sydney or somewhere in between, you have picked the right places as there are many activities and spots you and your family will surely enjoy in them.

Things you need to know

Before heading out for a beach road trip, it is important that you know the places and the roads you will be passing through to avoid delays or getting lost. No one wants to deal with any issues whilst on holiday. If you want to get to your destination in a shorter period of time, taking the Hume Highway is your best option. It is the fastest route for a Sydney to Melbourne drive, with all the bypasses and detours built in 2013. Another alternative route for a Sydney to Melbourne drive is the M31 and National Highway which takes only nine hours. However, if you want to experience the wonders of the coastline between the two cities, even though the drive is substantially longer, it is perfect if you are looking for adventures along the way. Taking the coastal route from Sydney to Melbourne is a wonderful choice. With a total distance of 1,033 km, you will come across beautiful towns such as Jervis Bay, Narooma and Merimbula. Here’s what to expect at these places:

Jervis Bay


Also known as a marine park, this town has a lot in store for you if you love the ocean wildlife. The place is perfect for watching whales, fishing adventures and seaside camping. Do not forget the Kangaroo Valley where plenty of festivals are held every year. You will also enjoy kayaking and canoeing adventures in the wonderful Kangaroo Valley Safaris. If you are enticed and would like to extend your visit, there are plenty of hotels to accommodate you and your family. One of the popular places to spend the night in is The Huskisson Hotel. This hotel is perfect for outdoor swimming, and it also has stunning gardens.



If you’re an avid golfer, this place is exactly what you need. Narooma has one of Australia’s most breathtaking golf courses, located on a cliff above the beautiful sea. The place is also known as a home for seals and various sea birds. The adventure would not be complete without the Underwater Safaris at the Montague Island. You will enjoy a lot of underwater activities such as free diving, scuba diving and whale watching. The children will surely have fun with the holiday activity program for kids called Squid Squad. There are also numerous restaurants around Narooma, serving various delectable dishes. These include Quarterdeck Marina, Sorriso Italian Restaurant and the Whale Restaurant.



This town is well known for its variety of beaches and lakes that are perfect for all kinds of water sports and adventures. Merimbula is also rich in mouth-watering seafood that will surely tickle your taste buds. These include oysters, prawns and mussels. Merimbula has got you covered if you are into extreme sports. Skydiving at Merimbula will also allow you to spot whales whilst you are in mid-air. In addition, don’t forget the special events held at national parks such as fishing competitions, kitesurfing, and the orchid shows. What is wonderful if you’re going to visit Merimbula is that you don’t have to leave your pets behind. The place has plenty of pet-friendly accommodations that your buddy will surely enjoy.

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