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Public Transport Developments and How It Will Affect Your Travel

The year of 2018 is a year of development, especially in terms of public transport. The Westconnex project in Sydney, New South Wales, aims to connect Sydney in a way that lessens the traffic congestions on main motorways. It focuses mainly on the M4 on Parramatta Rd and M5 on King Georges Rd. But Sydney isn’t the only city to receive major transport development. We have some information on some of the projects that have finished recently or are in the development stage.

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New South Wales

The Epping to Chatswood train line will close late 2018 for about 7 months with buses replacing the absent trains. This will affect many commuters that work in the Sydney CBD as well as Macquarie Park, both of which are huge business districts. The train line also stops in North Sydney, another popular business sector. Despite more than 120 new buses being introduced to accommodate this change, overcrowding on public transport and traffic issues are expected. Transport for NSW has stated that this temporary stop in the train system is the result of commuter demands using this line. The train line will now run from Rouse Hill to Chatswood and the completed project will see 15 trains every hour operating the Epping to Chatswood line, almost 4 times the current amount.

The Skytrain is another development for Northwest public transport. It will run 4 kilometres from Kellyville to Rouse Hill and is built approximately 10-13 metres off the ground. Tunnels are also progressing to connect Chatswood to Sydenham and new stations in the City area including Martin Place and Barangaroo are being constructed. These new stations will be connected to the Sydney Metro, a train system connected to Sydney Trains, utilising the new tunnels that are currently undergoing construction.


Victoria is investing in 65 next generation high capacity metro trains that will be in operation from mid-2019. These trains will be able to fit over 1000 people with 14 allocated spaces for wheelchairs and other devices such as prams, strollers and other heavy objects such as bicycles. The trains will also show a dynamic map that will use real time to map out where the train is at all times and what stations are next.

The Victorian government will also be connecting Port Melbourne to major freight hubs that will use the already existing railways. This will relieve the residential traffic congestion that usually occurs during peak hours. This addition will also reduce transport costs and ultimately boost the economic competitiveness of Australia as a whole.

In a joint initiative between the Australian and Victorian governments, there has been a $1.57 billion Regional Revival Program that will see the major regional stations and lines upgraded and signals across the Victorian state. Some of the stations receiving these upgrades are Ballarat, Geelong and Gippsland.


Several bus stations are being upgraded and will be finished early 2018. Queen St bus station in Brisbane is close to 30 years old and construction began early 2017 to upgrade it to a more modern and brighter design. The Helensvale bus station upgrade will focus more on having better connections across trains, buses and tram services. There will also be upgraded bicycle facilities as well as additional disabled spaces in park ‘n’ ride lots.


3 new stations are being built as part of the Forrestfield-Airport Link and when finished, will connect to the Transperth network. The new Forrestfield train station will be the terminus and connects to bus services. In addition, commuters will be able to park their vehicles in one of the 2500 parking spaces that will be available to the public. The line will go through Perth Airport, the Airport Central station being underneath the terminal itself for easy access to commuters. This project is due to finish in 2020.

The East Wanneroo Rail Link is another new addition and will be built in parts in order to encompass the growing suburb activity. The City of Wanneroo is one of the fastest growing councils in Australia and the inclusion of the rail link will lessen the travel time for people commuting to and from work. Light rail will also help with traffic congestion that usually occurs around business districts and the metropolitan areas.

South Australia

The capital of the state, Adelaide now has the O-Bahn City Access Project that recently opened at the end of 2017 which improves the time it takes for commuters between Gilberton and Grenfell Street. These buses will operate within priority lanes which will reduce the traffic congestion as well as a bus tunnel spanning over 600 metres.

The government also plans to reopen the Port Dock railway, which will connect the Port’s commercial centre and the Dock One residential precinct to the Adelaide CBD. Construction surrounding this project will start mid-2018 and will be finished in March of 2019.


Although it’s small in size and surface area, there are still transport projects that are in the development stage in the year of 2018.

Since the contracts that allow for student only bus services are expiring later this year, the Department of State Growth has commenced a review of the contracts in order to prepare for this expiry. This review is to highlight and continue to provide the services to areas around Tasmania, particularly rural suburbs.

With these oncoming major disturbances, it is recommended that you plan ahead. Decreased public transport options are likely to increase the number of individuals driving to work. This increase in cars will make parking even more challenging, particularly in the metropolitan and CBD areas. At Spacer, we offer long-term parking solutions by optimizing existing space. We connect individuals who have a little extra space with those who need it. Whilst these changes are occuring, assist your community by renting out your spare space to local commuters in need. Click here to find out more.

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