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Parking Guide for Australia Day in Melbourne

The Victorian Government, along with private businesses, brings yet another festive atmosphere as the 230th Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th of January in Melbourne. A series of fun activities and events will happen from morning till night in the city. In 2017, around 16,000 people went out to see the fireworks display in Docklands. A huge crowd is expected this year, as Melburnians a day of non-stop entertainment, cool games, roaming artists and of course, good food. Get ready to load up on unlimited barbecue and bottomless beer as Australia Day is celebrated the Melbourne way.

Getting to Melbourne CBD on Australia Day should be easy since the public transport runs on their regular weekend schedule. If you are travelling alone or with a buddy, commuting to the city is ideal. However, driving to the event venues are more convenient and easy for families with children and groups of friends. Make sure to check for road closures on this day and book your parking slot ahead of time to prevent any inconveniences. We’ve summed up the most popular events in Melbourne on Australia Day and compared prices for parking solution alternatives on the biggest national holiday in Australia.

The Australia Day Events in Melbourne

Are you ready for a super fun family day at the Hastings Foreshore? Or maybe you’d like to start the day with the official flag raising ceremony and colorful parade? Whatever you feel like doing or seeing on Australia Day, it is best to know when and where these events are happening. Make a list of the things you’d like to see and do the 26th of January. We have the events compiled for you below:

There will also be great food trucks spread around these places. Whole day family activities are sure to keep you and the kids’ energy up. Friends and colleagues can party on rooftops in Gerdes Lounge or drink the night away at the Crafty Source. Be sure to check the times since most activities happen simultaneously. You may check Victoria’s Australia Day official website for more details. Plan ahead to make the most of this year’s Australia Day.

Australia Day Parking Alternatives

Although bringing a car is the most convenient option, most people choose to take public transport because they worry that they would end up driving around the city all day in search for a parking spot. Public Transport will follow its regular weekend schedule, but since it’s a huge public holiday, expect a little bit of a wait. If finding a car park is the only thing that stops you from driving to the city on Australia Day, then let us take your worries away. We have compared prices and availability between the top three self parking storage facilities in Melbourne for you.

Using the key locations for Australia Day celebration in Melbourne, we’ve searched for available parking spaces through Secure Parking, Wilson Parking and Parkhound. Some parking facilities offered by Secure and Wilson are closed on public holidays so it is recommended to make an early reservation.

The third party parking company called Secure Parking usually manages parking for various parks and malls in Melbourne. Most parking spaces on offer on the 26th of January are all on a flat rate but make sure to check on the operating hours as some open a bit later or close earlier than casual days.

Similar to Secure Parking, Wilson Parking also manages known parking facilities in the city. Parking slots available are very expensive as it charges by the hour. Some of these slots close at 9PM, so if you plan to see the fireworks display that starts at 9PM, consider getting a parking space that closes at least an hour after, or that is open 24 hours.

Parkhound, on the other hand, offers affordable parking spaces around Melbourne. Parkhound is a sharing platform for parking. Available spaces on offer are spaces that are readily available near the events venue. Already existing parking spaces such as garages, driveways and carports that are located near event locations, are being utilised. As a result, it creates a community marketplace that joins people with spare spaces to those who need a convenient and cheaper solution alternative.  Parkhound offers less-expensive long and short-term parking options. If you have spare parking spaces at home, you can also have them rented through their website and earn extra income.

Parking space should not limit you from taking your car with you and having a more convenient way of travel than taking public transport during big holiday celebrations such as Australia Day. You can always find the car park easily online and at a fraction of the cost. What are you waiting for, list down the events you plan to see on Australia Day and book that parking space now.



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