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Black Friday Shopping Strategy

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated and largest annual shopping event in the US. This post-Thanksgiving holiday is what serious shoppers look forward to. The anticipation creates a compulsion to shop, making shoppers believe that sales are short-lived, triggering impulsive buying. Shopping on Black Friday is like going to a war. You don’t just charge into the battlefield without a gun or a back-up plan. After all, the best of wars in history were won by those who came up with the better strategy. We’ve put together the best Black Friday shopping strategy we can find to get you ready for the upcoming shopping battle.

The Plan

It may sound a bit old school, but the initial step for a good plan is to make a list. Yes. An actual list. A lot like the ones you make when you shop for groceries only a little more detailed. Your Black Friday list should include the following:

  1. Who are you shopping for – List out the names of the people you’ll be shopping for, especially when you’re planning to stock up on holiday gifts. This way you can at least have an idea on what you plan to get them. It will also prevent you from running back and forth from one store section to the other.

  2. Set a budget and stick to it – Set a specific amount for each person. Signing up for store credit cards is not recommended. If it's possible, only bring a debit card or just one credit card. Because the items are on sale, you can easily get tempted into thinking that an extra purchase or two will not hurt. It is a common reason why shoppers go over budget.

  3. Do your research – Black Friday ads are leaking and store hours have been announced. This is a perfect time to complete your list and find the best deals online before hitting the malls. If switching from one page to another is a pain, download smartphone apps like ShopSavvy, Shopular and Price Cruncher that can help you navigate the best prices online and in local retailers, as well as allow you to see product reviews and related items, deals, and discount codes where applicable.

Load Up on Coupons

Follow your favorite retailers on social media and sign up for email newsletters. This will give you easy and early access to last minute sales, additional coupons and discounts. Special deals you may get from these coupons may help you widen your budget and buy a little more. Aside from downloading shopping apps on your smartphone, you can also install the retailers’ apps where you’ll be shopping. Apps like these such as from Target and JC Penney’s, can easily store your coupons and gives you on-hand information of the offers while you’re in-store.

Gear Up!

First, check the weather. Then get your weather appropriate battlesuit ready. Choose your footwear wisely. It should be something comfy as you’ll be walking around for most of the day. Eat up. You’re going to need a lot of energy. Bring a partner in crime, I mean, a shopping buddy. Shopping is more fun with a companion. You can cover a bigger shop area and have someone help you carry your bags of goodies. Don’t forget your shopping list and your smartphone. Leave early. It is best to be there even before the mall or the shops open.

Park Your Tank

Just imagine going home from the mall with loads of shopping bag on a train or a bus full of people. On this busy day, getting a cab or an Uber would not be an easy feat either. If you are catching an Uber, be aware of the surplus charges. It is highly recommended to bring your car when you go post-Thanksgiving shopping. But parking would surely be difficult. Why not rent a parking slot ahead of time through an online sharing community such as so you don’t have to circle around looking for one. It will save you money, time, gas and energy.

Making Space

With all your Black Friday purchases, your home can quickly become very crowded. Make way for the new by packing up any unused items. Donate old clothes and furniture or for more precious heirlooms, store them carefully in your garage, attic or basement. If you are running out of space, rent a garage near you. does not only assist with parking, we can also help you find an affordable and convenient storage space.

Though online shopping is another option to avoid the Black Friday hussle, many still prefer to hit the brick-and-mortars at the crack of dawn where they can actually see and feel the items on sale. It is also the experience that makes the holiday special.

Black Friday shopping isn’t all that scary and stressful. As long as you plan ahead and strictly stick to it, you’ll soon be winning this shopping war. Good luck!



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