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Where Should You Park in the New Year? The Prime Spots for Commuters

We’ve just ushered in a new year. Everyone is excited, and you can begin making plans on what you want to be doing this year, where you’re going on holiday to and who with. Perhaps you’re getting back into the work schedule you have planned for the year, and other commitments you’ve made to both your social and personal lives.

Looking for New Year parking space is always one of the biggest concerns of those who choose to bring their cars to the city. Long term parking spaces are not always available, and if they are, the location is either a little inconvenient for you or the prices are exorbitant, especially during the holidays. Thus, the major considerations of those who are looking for parking spaces are costs, location and availability. Three of the largest cities take parking to the next level: Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. These places have various activities related to celebrating the various holidays of the year. Fortunately, these three central business districts have already designated areas where it is comfortable to stay during the holidays.


Sydney, for instance, has its periodical fireworks displays that will surely be watched by many people all over the world. As work starts back, and school holidays are in full swing, many people may be needing to head to the city. With COVID, driving is often the safest mode of transport – but then you’ll surely be needing parking when you arrive in the city. The good thing is that, whether it is for a commuter parking space or for short term and long-term parking plans, there are several parking spaces with various rates and offers that visitors can also choose from.

If you opt to stay near Central station or Pitt Street, Goulburn Street Car Park is a good pick for you. You can park there every day, from 6 am on weekdays and from 8 am on weekends. Prices range from $5 to $49, depending on the number of hours you’re planning on spending in the city. The parking space can house your car on public holidays at $12.

The King Cross Car Park is another option. Whilst a little more expensive than the Goulburn Car Park, this one is a more practical choice if you need a car park that is open 24 hours for all 7 days of the week. Rates range from $8 to $40 and also offers basement parking on weekdays at $15. For those who do not like rushing to get a parking spot early in the morning, there are pre-booked parking spaces that can be arranged on certain websites. Some give discounts for early-bird booking.


If you are concerned with the costs, the District Docklands is a good choice for you. It offers cheaper parking rates, which start at $5. Its most expensive rate is $40 per hour. It also offers early-bird discounts and packages for long-term parking.

For short-term parking plans, the state-run Council House Car Park is one option. Parking rates here are cheaper than most of the spaces run by private institutions. There is also street parking at $5, but spots are a little harder to come by. You can also park at Le Garage, which has both affordable and more premium packages. Again, if you do not like to be rushed, you can book your New Year parking spaces on the websites early so that you can take advantage of the early-bird discounts. If you want to narrow down your parking options even further, Spacer and Parkhound have hosts who rent out their own garages and spaces out to drivers so that you can be as close to your destination as you can be. It’s often up to 50% cheaper than other options and gives you hundreds of convenient locations to choose from.


If you’re a Brisbane local, you’ll know the city can get packed around the New Year. It is best reached through public transportation. However, there are also parking spaces available in the city, should one choose to bring their own car. One excellent choice for parking space searchers is King George City Car Park. This one is run by the City Council of Brisbane. It is relatively cheap, offering rates from $5 to $35. Another parking lot managed by the City Council and offering almost the same rates is the Wickham Terrace Car Park. This is an accessible parking space if you plan to go to the Sofitel Hotel and the Central Station. It is a good commuter parking space near easy-to-find landmarks.  

If the malls are open and you opt to park your car inside a mall where you can go shopping, The Myer Centre Car Park is a good pick for you. As this offers more convenience, its rates are slightly higher at $11 to $58. To get a lower rate, you must book online. If you park there and only park for 2 hours, you have the opportunity to park for free during those hours. Just make sure that you don’t park over-time, otherwise, you’ll have to pay the designated hourly fees.

If you decide to stay in Brisbane even after New Year, whether it be for permanent or long-term parking, you can search for convenient locations at Spacer. It offers cheap secure car parking spaces from the neighbourhood around you. Your choice of parking space depends on your plans and priorities. If you are only parking for a short time, you can take advantage of the hourly parking in the large car parks, or you can opt to go for free street parking. However, more considerations come into the picture when you are looking for a permanent or long-term parking space. You might want to look for more secure and affordable car parking places. Spacer can offer that to you, and you can choose whichever space best suits you and your needs.

Whatever option you end up going with, remember to be safe and listen to the latest advice from your local government.

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