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Christmas Countdown #10: Decorating Your Tree for Christmas

The Christmas tree is one of the most important symbols of the holiday. Everybody knows it when they see the green triangular shape of the tree and the star shining from its perch on the top. Over the years, the tree decorations have changed in order to suit the time period in which this auspicious holiday is celebrated. In our day and age, the Christmas tree decorating has been taken to new heights, incorporating technology to create and embellish the spruce tree with much enthusiasm. Here are just some of the ways that you can decorate your tree this Christmas.

Classic Decor

This form of decoration takes you back to the early days of the holiday. Fraser Fir trees have the unique shape that the Christmas tree is known for, and if you like, you can obtain a real tree for the festivities in order to bring a little more authenticity to your Christmas. A synthetic tree works just as well if you’re worried about potential issues that a real tree can create within your home. The traditional Christmas colours of red, white and green play a major role in the decorating of your tree. Wrap a read ribbon all around your tree for a pop of colour and attach baubles of white, chrome and red to bring it to life.


If you’re a fan of simple colours, you can always go for a classic black-and-white decor, with tinsel of white wrapping around your tree and black and white baubles, angels and other little attachments filling up every inch of your tree. It really showcases how much Christmas means to you, that you would put your own personal twist on the holiday theme.

Candy Cane-Themed

Everyone loves the candy cane, it’s yet another symbol of this joyous celebration. If you love these sweet minty treats, why not decorate your tree with them? There is such a variety of candy cane colours and designs out there that by the time you’re done decorating, your tree will be overflowing with decorations and colour. You can use a mix of actual baubles and decorations and real candy canes that you can eat. After the festivities of Christmas come and go, you can simply take these treats down and enjoy them while they last. You can even spruce it up with some ornaments made of gingerbread for an even sweeter holiday.

Light Show

In more recent years, the trees that decorate stores and homes are filled with light. This is made possible through the invention of the long cords of light that can wrap around the Christmas tree and illuminate it during the night. It’s a magnificent display, one which is hard to miss, especially if it’s displayed out in the open for everyone to see. Even if your tree is at home, lights are never a bad idea if you’re in the festive mood and want to showcase your gorgeous decorations. You can go for a more classical warm glow in your lights, or go for a little bit of fun and try a string of multicoloured lights to brighten up your holidays.

Floral Display

If you like flowers permeating your home, you’ll definitely like the idea of decorating your tree in florals. You can use one colour scheme, or even two if you’re wanting something simple yet elegant. If multiple colours is what you like, you can get multicoloured flower chains so that you can swathe your tree in them. You could even add some real flower blooms to make it even more festive. It’ll add a little something extra to your tree, along with their sweet scents permeating your home. You can even do a DIY job and make the flowers yourself from various materials like crepe paper and cellophane.

Ombre Style

This style isn’t just for hair. You can use the rainbow as a general colour scheme when you get decorations from the store. Think about which way you want the ombre effect to go, either lightest colours to darkest, or the other way around. There is no right or wrong way since it’s your tree and your way of celebrating the Christmas holidays. You can even add more traditional decorations like Christmas angels and Santas to add a little more mischief and spirit to the tree. This style is such a great activity for your children as well, as it both teaches them how fun decorating can be, and it teaches them about colour and how you can use it to make something beautiful.


After the Christmas festivities have finished, you might struggle with finding room to store your tree and decorations in your home. Spacer can help you, simply search through the listings available on our platform. Select the space that most suits your requirements and you won’t have to worry about the safety of your Christmas ornaments, you can just visit the space next year when Christmas arrives again. Happy Holidays!

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