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Home Storage Solutions You Can Find on Amazon

We live in an age where we have the luxury of finding almost anything after only a few clicks of a mouse button. You can buy all you need for your hobbies, or find birthday and Christmas presents at the last minute.


But the ease of purchase has an unfortunate result: your home probably seems to be filled to capacity!


Even though your home feels packed to the brim, you’ll be surprised at how a few storage tips can transform your house or apartment into a more practical—and yes, even a happier—space. Whether it’s simply organising your home or placing items in protective containers and putting them in storage with the help of Spacer, you can enjoy a different lifestyle if you get organised.


And best of all, you can find your storage solutions where you buy your gifts and your hobby supplies, at Amazon.


Let’s help you organise your space to enjoy a more streamlined year.  


Why Home Storage is THE Smart Choice for 2020

Don’t think of home storage solutions as a silly new year’s resolution. You’re missing out on many of benefits of decluttering you haven’t thought of:

–        You’ll be more productive working in an organised space

–        Waste less time looking for personal items

–        Home storage solutions can add your personal style to a room

–        Placing some items, such as collectibles or winter clothing in storage with the help of Spacer will clear up space so your home feels more welcoming

–        Instead of surrendering valuable space to items you don’t use often, box them and put them in storage so you have use of your spare room again!

–        Less mess can actually help you feel more positive.


In the same manner you have almost endless options of items to purchase online, your home storage solutions on Amazon are vast. So, how do you identify the best storage solutions to invest in?


Here’s our quick reference shopping guideline.


Tips on Finding the Best Storage Solutions for Your Home

When you start browsing, you’ll see the many different storage ideas. Here’s how to identify the winning Amazon storage options for your home. 


Types of Storage to Consider

Don’t get stuck on the storage you’re used to. There may be a much better way to organise your jewelry, collectibles, tools or even food in the kitchen than the method you’re using now. If you experience some frustration in keeping order, you haven’t tried it all.


Amazon storage products differ in:

–        Size

–        Purpose

–        Sealing methods

–        Carry options

–        Durability

–        Colour and design

So, ignore your preconceived ideas so you can discover what really works.


Make it Personal

A quick browse online will show you the many ways manufacturers try and make something as clinical as storage, VERY personal. You’ll be able to pick different colours and themes. This means you can tailor purchases to suit specific spaces, such as your child’s bedroom.


Why is this important? If you child loves the new storage cabinet, he or she is more likely to use it to clear up toys after playtime. And if you don’t want to ruin aesthetics around the home, keep on browsing until you find storage ideas that match your décor. They’re out there!


Not All Storage is Smart Storage

Don’t order the first item you see. Consider your needs before you buy:

–        Do you need it to be waterproof, so the content stays protected while in a Spacer host’s garage or basement?

–        Will you use it for its current purpose forever or do you want multipurpose items that you can utilise in a different manner in a few years’ time? For example, if you want a sustainable option, pick colours that work for kids’ bedrooms as well as your lounge.

–        Make sure it suits your purpose. If you need to organise small items, such as your craft objects, simply placing them in a large container won’t work. You’ll need small compartments, so you don’t get frustrated looking for a specific piece.


There’s a Solution No Matter Your Budget

With a popular market comes a wide range but also prices you’re bound to love. On Amazon you’ll find containers that cost a few cents and other storage resources that cost up to $300.


Now that you know HOW to shop, here are some of your best options on the 2020 market.


6 Most Popular Home Storage Solutions on Amazon

XIMIVOGUE Storage Boxes 3-Pack

If you need a minimalist approach, you’ll love these 14.9” x 9.8” x 9.8” boxes with lids that flip open. The basic design can suit almost any room in the house and they’re stackable, which means you don’t have to lose much floor space.


The fabric is durable, but they’re not waterproof, so these are mostly ideal for bedrooms. The brand offers two colour schemes, so pick according to your décor and you don’t even have to put them in a cupboard; they’re that good looking.


Hooks N Holders Broom Holder Wall Mount 

Here’s an example of thinking ‘out of the box’. Reclaim floor space all over the home by storing tools against unused walls: simply use a multipurpose wall mounted broom holder. The combination of holders and hooks gives you 13 storage options and it can handle up to 80lb.


Collapsible Fabric Toy Box for Nursery

If it’s themed storage solutions you’re after you’re going to love these large toy boxes for baby and kids’ rooms. It can work for toys, clothing, books and more. The lid keeps odds and ends out of sight, so rooms look uncluttered.


You’ll find many similar boxes decorated with a range of animal imagery and other characters, so let your storage box help you decorate the space. And if you don’t need it, simply fold and store it away.


Sorbus Storage Bins Boxes

Practicality must be at the top of your list when you compare Amazon storage options. For this reason, we rate these 15.75″ X 12″ X 8″ fabric boxes very high: the transparent panels allow you to see what’s inside, so no guesswork necessary. You can also access from the top or side, so customise according to your room setup.


Large Woven Basket

Not all storage solutions need lids. If you want some style, but also need some order, get one of these multipurpose baskets and position them in the laundry room, lounge or bedroom. When you need to clean up toys or other clutter off surfaces, place it inside. These baskets are so stylish you don’t even have to place it in a cupboard.


Two sizes are available, so shop according to your available floor space.


IRIS 5 x 7 Inch Photo Storage and Embellishment Craft Keeper

Now here’s an example of storage solutions designed for specific tasks, which means you’ll find them effortless to use. In this case it’s to store photos. But because the inner compartments are removable it’s a multipurpose option to store almost any item.


Best of all: the plastic container will keep out moisture and be durable enough to stack multiple units. And it’s transparent, so you’ll know exactly what is in each one. This is ideal if you’re looking for storage options for excess home items you plan on storing in a Spacer unit


It’s time: you and your family deserve to enjoy your space more so you can all be more productive. And yes, even happier. So, before you order anything else for your home, put storage solutions on the shopping list, declutter and enjoy a less complicated life!

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