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Valuables Storage Guide; Jewellery and Watches

Jewellery and high-end timepieces or watches are not just decorative items that add grace and elegance to your overall appearance during special gatherings and occasions. They are also good investments that are expected to appreciate in value as time goes by.  Some people consider them as a part of family heirlooms, handed down from one generation to the next.

Fine jewellery may highlight your sophistication and chic look; however, you must know the various ways to keep them as unblemished as the day you acquired them. There are three important things you have to keep in mind: proper cleaning, care, and jewellery storage, so that you can enjoy using or wearing these personal treasures for years to come.

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Jewellery and Watches

Naturally, the jewellery and watches you purchase from your favourite jeweller and watch shops come in their original containers or boxes with written instructions on proper care and storage.  The sellers may also share some cleaning and storing instructions. These are all helpful in keeping your jewellery in an excellent state.

If you have misplaced the original instructions, the following tips will help you get started with the proper cleaning, care, and storage of jewellery and watches.

Jewellery and Watch Cleaning Tip #1: Clean your jewellery before you store them

Perfume, make-up, body oil, sweat, and dust can accumulate as you use your jewellery and watches every day. These result in a dull film that cloud their surfaces. To remove dirt, you can wipe each piece every night using a soft or polishing cloth, before you put them in your jewellery box. For a better result, you can soak them in soapy water, then wipe and dry them with a clean cloth.

Jewellery and Watch Cleaning Tip # 2: Clean your silver jewellery pieces with cloth and water

Use a cloth with a little amount of cleaner to polish your sterling silver. Carefully rub them with the cloth, then rinse them using warm water. Make sure that you dry each piece thoroughly before keeping them in your silver jewellery storage box or container. Avoid using chlorine or bleach solutions as these chemicals will tarnish your silver.

Jewellery and Watch Cleaning Tip # 3: Use ammonia solution to clean your diamond jewellery

Use one part ammonia, mixed in six parts water to clean your diamond pieces. Soak them in the solution, then rub with a soft-bristled brush. Wipe them dry with a clean cloth.

Jewellery and Watch Cleaning Tip # 4: Clean your pearls with a damp piece of cloth

To remove accumulated dirt from your cultured pearls, slightly dampen a cleaning cloth and use it to gently rub the strands. Wipe them dry using another soft fabric.

Jewellery and Watch Cleaning Tip # 5: Clean your watch every night

Wipe your watch clean every night before putting it in your watch box. Depending on the make of the bracelet (gold, silver, or leather), you can use either a dry or slightly damp cleaning cloth.  This would prevent dirt from accumulating on your watch.

Jewellery and Watch Cleaning Tip # 6: Be careful in winding your watch

If you do not wear your watch for some time, it may need winding.  Wind it carefully as this will help keep it running smoothly.

Jewellery and Watch Cleaning Tip # 7: Have your jewellery pieces cleaned by professionals

Aside from the daily and regular cleaning that you can do on your own, it is highly recommended that you have your fine jewellery and watches professionally cleaned and checked every now and then.

Jewellery Cleaning

Proper Jewellery Storage

Upon purchase, your jewellery and watches usually come in jewellery boxes or watch boxes.  You can continue using the original containers to properly and safely store them.

The following tips can guide you on proper watch and jewellery storage.

Jewellery Storage Tip # 1

Make sure that you put each piece in its own bag, preferably a cloth material.  This will avoid scratching and tangling.

Jewellery Storage Tip # 2

Keep your jewellery pieces in separate jewellery boxes or in a box with several compartments. This will prevent different metals from being in contact with each other, which may cause tarnishing and discoloration.

Jewellery Storage Tip # 3

Store your jewellery in places with dry and moderate temperature.  Excessive heat or dampness may cause reactions in the metals and result in deterioration.

Jewellery Storage Tip # 4

Use durable boxes, but make sure that these are lined with cloth to cushion each piece and protect it from scratches.

Jewellery Storage Tip # 5

Put an anti-tarnish strip inside your jewellery box to help absorb pollutants, including sulphides that have harmful effects on your jewellery.

Jewellery Storage Tip # 6

When not in use, keep your watch in its original box or get a watch roll where you can store it.

Jewellery Storage Tip # 7

Never put your watch near an object with magnetic field, as this may affect its precision.

You may prefer to keep your jewellery at home in your jewellery or safety deposit boxes. However, for more valuable and costly items, there are options and alternative ways for proper storage.  Consider renting a storage space for your jewellery and watches.  Connect with our team at Spacer for more information on how you can avail of their services. Whatever you need to securely and safely store your jewellery, furniture, or even your car, Spacer has a solution for you.

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