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21 Fantastic Reasons to Clear Out the Clutter

People tend to buy and keep things even when they don’t need them; thus, leading to a lot of clutter. Although home organisation sounds like a great idea, not everyone is willing to let go of their clutter, especially if it comes with an emotional backstory.

If you’re one of these people, then you have to make it a habit to declutter your home. Here are some reasons why:

1. A cluttered home can negatively affect your mood

A messy home can overload your senses. It can stress you out and make you feel like you have never really accomplished anything.

2. A cluttered home can make you unsociable

Not many people want to invite guests to their cluttered home. They feel ashamed of bringing their friends and family over lest they are judged for their home’s unkemptness. This in turn leads to a lonely social life.

3. Most arguments stem from living in a cluttered home

According to a 2017 survey, more than 50% of Australians indicated clutter as the source of tension between people who co-habit. 40% said that clutter led to verbal arguments and 1% suffered from clutter’s long-term negative effects on their personal relationships.

4. Clutter leads to unnecessary costs

Did you know that Australians spend an average of $963 on Christmas presents, and yet around $620 worth of these gifts is unused? If something you owned is currently gathering dust on a shelf, then it is clutter.

5. Having more things does not necessarily make you a better person

Owning too many books doesn’t make anyone an intellectual, just as giving your children too many toys won’t make them any happier. A child who owns over 200 playthings is more likely to play with only a dozen of them.

6. Decluttering teaches you the art of letting go

There are many reasons people hold onto stuff they don’t really need, but none of them is compelling enough to stop you from decluttering. Letting go of them can give you a fresh start, especially when those things represent something painful or difficult from your past.

7. Decluttering allows you to earn some money

Did you know that an average Australian household owns over 139 pairs of shoes? With the advent of eBay and other online selling platforms, you can convert your clutter into cold, hard cash.

8. Decluttering can also help you save money

You may resort to purchasing a small appliance (like a blender) simply because you are too lazy to search for your old one. Decluttering and organising your things helps you easily find what you need, helping you save time and money in the long-run.

9. Decluttering can also reduce your utility bills

The average Australian household owns at least two TV sets and two computers, not to mention non-essential appliances like blenders and coffee makers. By decluttering, you can get rid of or sell those under-utilised appliances, which consume electricity but don’t make your life any easier.

10. Decluttering allows you to become charitable

Decluttering enables you to practice the “waste not, want not” philosophy. Donate the things you no longer need. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone — you finally get rid of your clutter and help those who are truly in need.

11. Decluttering can make your home feel spacious – even when it’s not

Creative use of spaces and storage areas can create the illusion that your room is much bigger than what your floor plan states.

12. Decluttering makes your home a safer place

Several collaborative studies between Australia and the UK named clutter as one of the definitive sources of injury to the disabled and elderly. A whopping 88% of elderly injuries are caused by tripping because clutter is obstructing the walkways.

13. Decluttering can make you choose a healthier lifestyle

It might sound odd, but scientists concluded that people in an organised home are more likely to choose healthier food. This is because clutter causes stress, and stress often leads to various coping mechanisms like eating comfort food. 

14. Cleaning your home can count as exercise

If you lack physical exercise, consider doing some serious home organisation. According to a recent study, those who included home organisation and cleaning in their daily routine are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and are more likely to lose weight.

15. Decluttering can improve your family’s health too

Cleaning your home can reduce the likely sources of allergens like dust mites, which often lead to asthma attacks among children. More than that, cleaning can prevent pests like rats, cockroaches, and flies from making your life miserable, too.

16. A neat home can help you sleep better

A cluttered home elevates your stress level and makes you doubly anxious; thus, eliminating the source of your stress can naturally help you sleep like a baby.

17. An organised home can inspire creativity

Humans crave for symmetry and structure, which is why you always feel good and focused after an intense general home cleaning.

18. Decluttering is EMPOWERING

Most people hold on to stuff because they don’t know if they should throw it away. They either have the misguided idea that keeping them prevents waste or they are simply indecisive. Either way, decluttering allows you to regain control of your home and your life, in turn making you feel empowered.

19. Decluttering allows you to accomplish more

Not only will you feel productive after organising your home; you’ll also accomplish a lot more work simply because you have easier access to the tools you need.

20. A decluttered home has a higher resale value than a cluttered one

An organised home is more likely to sell faster than those that are not. Even when you are not planning to sell and move out of your own home anytime soon, the thought that you can instantly raise your property value by just being neat is astounding.

21. Decluttering your home can change your life

Organising your home can lead to some surprises. You might find some rare, untouched records or some long-lost heirloom, which cost a fortune. There are plenty of stories where decluttering and finding a long-lost heirloom has provided a way out of a negative financial situation.


Decluttering your home shouldn’t feel like a battlefield. If you are unsure of what to get rid of and what to keep, then rent a storage space from Spacer. We offer cheap, accessible, and secure storage facilities to keep your belongings safe as you figure out what to do with them in the future.

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