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Ways to Decorate, Prepare and Store in your Guest Bedroom

The right bedroom storage, creative design, and finishing touches can make your guest bedroom a true home away from home. If your guest bedroom is more cluttered and cramped than comfortable and cozy, it’s probably time for a change. Rethinking your room design and exploring better bedroom storage ideas will be just the thing you need for the perfect guest room remodel. 

Not sure where to begin? Here at Spacer, we’re always thinking about better ways to store, organize, and design. You’re going to love these easy steps for the perfect guest bedroom upgrade!

Step One: Donate or move your items from bedroom storage to dedicated storage

The best guest bedroom is one that is absolutely free of your clutter. Why? Because even if you use this room for other things between guests, you want them to feel like this is their space while they’re with you. When they have to look at your exercise equipment or crafting materials, they’ll wonder if you’re counting down the minutes until you can have your space back. 

Plus, it will be much easier to complete your guest bedroom remodel if you’re not shuffling around extra stuff. This is a great opportunity to downsize and declutter, or maybe even create that at-home gym in your garage you’ve always wanted. And for anything that you want to be out of sight but still within reach, a dedicated storage space is an ideal option.

Spacer has plenty of bedroom storage solutions for you to take advantage of. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane, or any other city, there’s a convenient, affordable storage space for you to store your belongings. 

What we love about this guest room remodel tip is that you can do it at any point. Unlike some of the other upgrades that you’ll be making, such as painting the walls, installing shelves, or swapping out the furniture, clearing out your clutter is a quick fix that will immediately transform any room. Even if you have to wait for some other guest room projects because you have guests scheduled to stay throughout the season, you can declutter your space in just a few hours.

Remember: Your guests love you! But they don’t love looking at your stuff.

Step Two: Mindful planning

Once you have a clean slate, you can start building up a guest bedroom that your friends and family will love to stay in. To make a guest bedroom cozy and livable, all you really need are the basics:

  • A comfortable bed. Sleeping in an unfamiliar bed can either be dreadful or dreamy, depending on the quality of the mattress. If you want your guests to sleep well, knowing how to choose the right mattress is key.

  • One or two nightstands with bedside lamps 

  • A place for clothes, either a dresser or a suitcase stand

  • A place to hang clothes

  • An electrical outlet for them to charge their phone or laptop 

These bare necessities will ensure that your guest has everything they need for their stay. Of course, you can throw in additions if you have the space and budget. Here are a few ideas that will take your guest room from liveable to wonderful:

  • A television

  • A desk

  • A reading chair

  • Mirrors

  • Single-serve coffee maker

  • Phone charger with universal adapter

  • Dehumidifier or aromatherapy essential oil diffuser

  • Night lights

  • Air purifying plants

Mindful planning also means finding the right theme for your guest bedroom. Bookshelves and cozy reading chairs will give your guest bedroom an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. A sleek, minimalist design will feel clean and modern. You might also go with a more colourful theme, such as beach getaway or natural greenhouse.

Make sure during this mindful planning stage that you’re considering your budget and time. You certainly don’t want someone to stay in your guest bedroom while it’s being remodeled, so give yourself plenty of time to get the job done before your next guest.

Step Three: Paint and paper

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room design upgrade. Even if you paint the guest room the same colour as it was before, it will give your space a whole new life.

If you’re going for a new colour, take the time to choose carefully. Colours are emotional – you may think of one colour as bright and lively while for another person, it’s jarring and unsettling. Best to stick to neutrals that you know will be calming for your guests. Here are some great ones:

  • Virtually any shade of blue, as long as it isn’t too dark

  • Light greens

  • Pastel pinks or peaches

  • Light gray

  • Teal or turquoise

Wallpaper is another way to add character, as long as you don’t overdo it. One wall adorned with a floral wallpaper or pattern design can be just the thing to pull the whole room together. Vertical stripes in particular can give your guest room a feeling of elegance and class.

Step Four: Invest in some creative bedroom storage tools

An important part of room design is creative bedroom storage. Invest in some chic and trendy Ikea bedroom storage options and think about small bedroom storage ideas if you’re working with a tiny space. 

We love to see multi-use furniture pieces in guest bedrooms, especially if you use this room for more than just welcoming your friends and family. For instance, invest in a bedframe with built-in bedroom storage drawers, or opt for a dresser that can double as a suitcase stand. Foldable furniture, especially on wheels, is one of many small bedroom storage ideas that will allow you to move any of your crafting tables or other workspaces out of your guest room to clear up the clutter.

Other simple tips such as installing shelves on the walls or wall lamps instead of floor lamps or table lamps will clear up floorspace to make the room look cleaner and more organised.

Step Five: Last minute changes for your unique guest

This is where you can really tailor your guest bedroom for your unique friends and family. Think about how long they’ll be staying and what their personal preferences are.

For instance, have a guest coming that you know loves coffee throughout the day? Make sure to set up a little coffee area with extra sugar, cups, and a single-serve coffee maker. If they’ll be staying a while, make sure to stock up on a whole bag of their favourite coffee.

Or, if you have a friend you know will be using the guest room for a work area, you might remember to add an extra extension cord so that they can plug in all of their electronics. Take a look at some of our other home office tips for inspiration.

Taking the time to personalise your guest room to your loved one’s specific tastes and needs is a sure way to make them feel cared for. The extra additions won’t be too difficult to set up, but they’ll give your guest a feeling of warmth that is invaluable.

You’re ready to wow your guests with these simple guest room upgrades!

When you put a little love and thought into your guest room, you can make it into a space where your loved ones can’t wait to stay. By cleaning out the clutter, introducing some creative bedroom storage ideas, and playing around with design and useful additions, your guests are going to feel right at home. Better yet, they might feel like they’re staying in a wonderful bed and breakfast or weekend spa!

How are you feeling about your guest bedroom? Is it everything your guests could want? Do you have plans for future upgrades? Let us know!

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