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What Can You Do with an Extra $122 a Month?

If you’ve switched to Spacer for your storage solutions, you know by now that you can save a ton of money. In fact, when compared to the competition, you can save over $100 by placing your items in storage with Spacer rather than a traditional storage unit.


A month at a self-storage facility in Artarmon Sydney, for instance, will cost you $260 per month for a 4.5 square metre unit. The same size unit can be found on Spacer for just $138 per month.


So, what are you going to do with an extra $122? Well, we’ve gathered our favourite ideas for how to spend the cash you saved by renting with Spacer.

Idea #1: Take a weekend trip

Flights from Sydney to Gold Coast and Melbourne are under $100, roundtrip. With such low rates, you could have a weekend getaway with friends or venture out on your own for a peaceful few days away. 


Or, you can stay closer to home with an overnight trip to a nearby getaway like the Blue Mountains. Drive up on Saturday morning, book a cabin on Airbnb for less than $100 a night, and spend the weekend exploring the natural beauty of the area. 


This can be a romantic getaway for couples, or it’s the perfect friends weekend in the mountains. And, you’ll even have some money leftover for a few lunches with coffee.  

Idea #2: Treat yourself to a nice dinner out

If you’re used to cooking at home or eating out at cheap restaurants, this is your chance to take it up a notch and have a really good meal. Maybe a great cut of steak, maybe a bottle of wine or a nice glass of whisky. You might even order yourself a dessert. 


If you have no idea where to go to spend your extra $122, you might check out The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay, or Bennelong at the Sydney Opera house, where patrons generally spend $115 per person for a night of fine dining.


If you’re looking for a dinner for two, you might opt for something lower in price but equally amazing – Mosaic Restaurant is an excellent choice where the average price of a meal per person is $55. 

Idea #3: Upgrade your kitchenware

You’re not the only one who browses the nice kitchen appliances at David Jones and wishes that quality cookware wasn’t quite so expensive. Well, now’s your chance to become the at-home chef you always wanted to be.


You can get Le Creuset bakeware, a high-quality Tefal pressure cooker, a Philips breadmaker, or a Breville rice & risotto maker for under $120. 


So, no matter your specialty in the kitchen – be it pies, rice dishes, sourdough bread, or soups – you can seriously improve your skill with a brand new kitchen addition. 

Idea #4: Learn a new skill

Sydney is just full of fun classes designed to introduce you to new hobbies and build your creativity.


ClassBento is a great resource where you can find affordable classes in a variety of different areas. Here are a few of the more popular ways to spend the $122 that you saved by finding cheap storage: 

Idea #5: You could have a lovely get together with friends

Celebrate your savings by inviting over a group of your closest friends and having a great afternoon! Barbeque some delicious food, make pizzas, pick out your favorite wines or craft beers, and enjoy that extra $122. 

Idea #6: Donate it to charity

If you’re going to be saving $122 every month by choosing Spacer over the more expensive storage units Sydney has to offer, you might consider donating some of that money to a local charity. 


There are a number of wonderful organizations near you that could benefit from your help. Here are a couple that are worth looking into:

  • WWF Australia. Because who doesn’t want to give money to the adorable black-flanked rock-wallaby? The WWF also does important work to combat climate change and protect the oceans

  • Childfund Australia. With their Gifts for Good program, you could use your $122 to pay for things like sporting equipment, clothes, water filters, even small chicken farms for families around the world

Obviously, there are thousands of charities to choose from so you might take a bit of time to find the right one. You’d be surprised at how much of an impact you can have with just $122.

Have other ideas of how to spend $122? Let us know! We love to hear the ways that Renters spend the money they save with Spacer’s cheap storage options!

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