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Top 15 Tech Devices for Moving

Moving from your old place to a new home is a tough job. However, you can make things a lot easier for you and your family if you have the right tools or techs. If you tune in to the latest tech news on television or on the internet, you will discover the technologies you need on moving day. Here’s a list of the 15 tech devices that can make moving a lot easier for everyone.

1. Stair-roller

This will surely come in handy if you’re moving big boxes or items. You don’t need to hire an extra pair of hands to help you out. The stair roller will do the job for you.

2. Utility dolly

It is useful for carrying heavy stuff such as furniture. Hiring moving personnel will cost you more money. Buying a utility dolly, on the other hand, will save you some cash in the long run.

3. Portable ramps

Dollies or stair-rollers are useful if there are stairs or elevated platforms. Why not bring your own ramp so you can always carry heavy items by using a dolly or a stair roller?

4. Furniture sliders

Unlike ramps, these sliders are either made of rubber or plastic. No matter what the material is, sliders are easy to set up and use when lifting and moving furniture, closets, and appliances.

5. Lifting/Moving strap transport belt

If you’re looking for a more affordable device for lifting furniture, you might want to get one of these. This transport belt allows you and another to lift big items such as closets easily and safely.

6. Pallet jack

This device is for lifting really heavy items onto the truck with ease. Moving and transporting services mostly include the utilisation of a pallet jack. But if you have the money and you really have some heavy lifting to do, go for it. Remind yourself that you and your family will not be the only ones benefiting from this machine. You can offer help to your relatives, friends, and neighbours who are also moving to another house. Better yet, you can turn it into a little business where you rent out this device to others.

7. Suction Dent Puller

If you have glasses on your “what to pack” checklist, then buying a suction puller is a great idea. It will enable you easily move small and big pieces of glasses or mirrors with ease.

8. Label maker

This device will help you better organise your boxes to keep everything well in place. This device is easy to use for moving in and out of a home.

9. Toolkit

This is not only for work convenience; it can also make you look cool and stylish.

10. Protective gloves

To ensure safety when moving, you might want to get a couple of protective gloves. These enable you to avoid hand injuries and make moving fun and convenient. These gloves are also cool.

11. Utility and hobby knife

This device should be kept and used responsibly. A utility knife will help you easily cut through boxes and other containers with ease. It comes in handy when you’re unpacking your belongings.

12. Smartwatch

These mobile devices are used not only for checking the time and alarm because they also have other features like communication, internet usage, and navigation. Most smartwatch products these days come with a GPS feature that is perfect for long distance moving.

13. Auto-car jump starter

You should have this tool if you’re going for a long drive to move in to your new home. When it comes to moving house, you need to consider the travel time and arrangement. This device might not be a daily tool, but it will surely be worth it in the future.

14. Smartphone

Having a smartphone with you will make moving not only easier, but also well-organised. You can write a checklist for all the items you want to pack and lay out a time plan to have your house transfer completed within schedule. You can also use it to monitor other factors like traffic and the weather on the day you’re moving out.

15. Hitch mount

Instead of renting moving trucks and hiring movers, why not install a hitch mount at the back of your car and then put up a container or a secured platform for your things? Some movers prefer to transport items using family-owned vehicles, instead of hiring trucks or vans. Some put up cargo carriers, whilst others go with movable sheds. This is a cost-effective purchase because it will be useful not only for moving, but for other outdoor activities as well.

Technology and moving

If you’re updated with the latest tech news, specifically for moving and transportation, you will learn how innovative technology these days is. With the 15 items listed above, are there any technologies or tools we missed? It is best that you don’t limit your options to this list and find other gadgets and devices that will be most beneficial to you.


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