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Automated Car Washes—Are They Good or Bad?

Properly maintaining your car is a responsibility. It starts with keeping it clean to prevent rust from building up. Whether you’re heading out to a meeting or to an event, you don’t want to drive around in a dusty vehicle, as it may show others obvious signs of negligence which can be a little embarrassing. 


All this time, you might have been cleaning it the wrong way. You might also think that promptly delivering your car to any automated car wash is good because it is a hassle-free way to make your car squeaky clean. Aside from being costly though, you are perhaps not aware about the potential chemicals involved that may cause damage to your car.

How an automated car wash can damage your car

Water pressure and filthy recycled water

Are you aware that most car washes claim that they are reusing water? Sometimes there might be substances in the recycled water that could damage the exterior of your car. To be extra safe, you might not like or want your vehicle to be washed by this water.


If they reuse water and it directly shoots to your vehicle at a high-speed rate, be wary of the consequences. A quick burst of unfiltered water that is close enough can peel your car’s paint.

Abrasive chemicals

The view of foamy white soap covering your car might look entertaining, however these soaps that are being rigorously applied to your car could be acidic. 

Acids can damage your car, particularly stripping away protective coatings such as sealants and waxes.

Car wash brushes

Do you recognise the spinning massive brushes that you see on car washes?

Whilst they can get rid of all the dust and dirt from your car, they may also cause harm on your car’s paint. The continuous spins  on the surface, even if the brushes are softer, may result in minor scratches and could possibly peel away your car’s paint, if done repeatedly.

Water spots

Are there visible water spots on your car after the car wash?

You get water spots from the rain. Sometimes, you can also get them from car washes. Not only do they look unpleasant, but those water spots are also tough and can be challenging to remove. In fact, they can stay on your car for a very long time and you might not easily get rid of them without some heavy-duty polishing.


If you are not convinced, this video might convince you on how car washes could potentially damage your vehicle. After identifying all the harmful effects of automated car washing, you might have changed your mind about delivering your vehicle to a car wash. However, there are numerous safe automated car washes out there. You just have to be careful when choosing the right and safe car wash for your car.

Choosing the right car wash

Picking the right car wash for your car is not that simple. Your vehicle is a valuable asset and investment and it’s something that you should take care of. Follow these instructions before going for a car wash, and have your car perfectly cleaned without being damaged.

Prepare your car by doing the following:

  • Use a soft cloth and gently remove the dirt.

  • Make sure that you seal all the windows.

  • Remove or retract the antennae.

Always pick a brushless car wash

Most car washes use massive old brushes which are not soft and could cause damage and scratches to your car. Pick a car wash that also cleans the rims and tires and most importantly, dries the car. If there is one available, select a car wash that includes undercarriage wash. As most of them might be using strong jets to get rid of mud and dirt under your car, doing this often might reduce the risk of rust build up.


You may also wash your car on your own if you have the time. Hand washing is a traditional way of washing a car. However, because of modern technology, most people nowadays prefer automated car washes because it’s more convenient and hassle-free.


However, manual washing usually takes a lot of your time and energy. It may very well take you half the day if you are a bit of a perfectionist and polish your vehicle until it gleams. You also have to consume plenty of water in order to remove all the excess soap and dirt. An automated car wash can be more efficient and saves you time and water. It does the work quickly, as it’s programmed to wash a car. When comparing both methods, an automated car wash is considered a better way than doing it on your own.

Make your call

Using automated car wash has its pros and cons. It can be good and efficient if you choose the right and safe option for your car. After leaving the right car wash, driving in to restaurants and going in for an adventure can be tempting. However, looking for a parking space can be as difficult as finding a perfect car wash for your car.


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