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10 Reasons to Leave Your Car for Long-term Parking in Sydney

If you’re going away on vacation or a business trip and are contemplating on where you should leave your car during this time, long-term parking in Sydney may be one of your options. A usual contemporary airport proposes parking services that differ in prices, depending on factors such as how convenient the service will be for the people and how far the distance will be from the terminal–whether they are using a car, motorcycle, or other accepted mode of transportation.

As for the duration of time for airport parking, there are services labeled as “long-term airport parking” and “short-term airport parking.” Different businesses have also been established, offering parking services and even storage services, which people who need storage space may find helpful.

When choosing between short-term and long-term airport parking, how are they different and which one should you choose?

Short-term airport parking is usually availed of by people who are in the airport for only a short span of time. An example would be people with private cars who are in the airport to send off or welcome their relatives. Another instance of short-term parking is when one is in the mall, in a short period of time, for purposes of window shopping, meeting someone, watching a movie and doing other leisure activities.  Meanwhile, long-term parking, which is sometimes called “satellite parking,” is chosen by those who need to leave their respective private vehicles for a longer span of time. They may want to use their cars upon arrival from a trip, possibly for several days. This is for people who will go out of town or the country for a while.

If you’ve been scheduled for a business trip overseas, then you may want to bring your car with you to the airport. This allows you convenience, especially if you’re bringing some work-related things, in addition to your luggage, to the airport. You may also need to make some stops before your flight. In this case, you will need to drive your car to the airport instead of leaving it at home.

Long-term parking near the Sydney International Airport may be one of your options. If you’re in doubt about whether this is the right choice for you, then we will give you ten reasons to leave your car for long-term parking in Sydney.

Reason #1: Long-term parking makes travelling easier


Carrying your heavy bag or luggage is not something that you should underestimate when it comes to its negative effects on your health. According to Byward’s Healthcare Team, an unevenly distributed load may cause you to have muscle strain, experience headache, or feel pain in the back, neck, or arm. As an example, when you carry a bag with only one shoulder, the muscles and spine are compromised, as they are forced to make up for the unequal distribution of the weight. In the worst case, this may cause stress to the mid and lower back, which may lead to chronic back problems in the future.

In this regard, using your own vehicle and choosing to go for long-term parking in Sydney instead of commuting on your way to and from the airport is more convenient. You will no longer have to carry heavy loads, especially when you live in a place far from the airport.

Having your own car is also a convenient way for you to go to different places, especially if you have some errands to run before your flight or upon arrival from your trip. In addition, driving your car allows you to take routes that public transport services do not.

Reason #2: The City of Sydney is overall very safe.

According to safearound.com, Sydney has a low risk of pickpocket incidents and other cases such as mugging, scams, and terrorism, for which female travelers are more at risk. On the other hand, transportation and natural disasters are found to pose a medium risk.

Despite this risk in transportation, some of the smaller stations outside the city and train cars are quiet at night. Leaving your car temporarily for Sydney international airport parking is still recommended as the city overall has a 78% safety index, earning the label “very safe city.”

Reason #3: Using your own car is better than having to deal with unsecured commuting


Although it is generally safe in Sydney, variables can still occur. Any form of crime can happen at any place, and one thing that people can do is to be extra careful when it comes to handling themselves and their belongings. In line with this, using your own car after availing of long-term parking in Sydney can be safer rather than having to commute, especially when you have to carry a lot of important stuff. This allows you to have the peace of mind that you can safely bring home any valuable things you may have bought during your trip.

Reason #4: The many options allow you to save money

As Chamberlin of the Australian Business Traveller indicates, going for Sydney Airport Parking is one expensive decision. In fact, in 2012, the Sydney Airport Corporation earned $119 million in revenue with its airport car parks alone.

However, there are many other professional services that you can avail of throughout the city. Many offer cheaper prices, which is ideal for those who have a limited budget. Always keep your various options in mind and be sure to weigh their pros and cons before you make the final decision. Carefully consider factors such as the convenience that the parking company provides and the terms and conditions that they have, as well as the price and their distance from the terminal. Also, read up on online customer reviews of your prospective service provider before commissioning their service.

Reason #5: Long-term parking services have various features.

Aside from the difference in price rates, long-term parking services also come with different features.  Short term-parking is good for less than 24 hours of service. It is also located nearest to terminal buildings. On the other hand, long-term parking is for those who need more than 24 hours of parking service. However, the parking lots are usually farther away from the terminal. Some parking service providers offer premium services, which include additional benefits such as wider spaces, fast-track access, and terminal proximity. As well, valet parking may be offered, and some also provide shuttle service to and from the terminal. There are many options and they vary from service provider to service provider. As such, you’ll surely find something that best suits your needs.

Reason #6: The parking service in Sydney is easy to access.

Due to the advancement in technology, you no longer have to physically go to the car park in order to reserve a spot for long-term parking service. You can easily book it online. This is especially helpful if you don’t have much time, that is, if you already have a full schedule juggling work, home responsibilities, and your travel plans. If you opt to go for long-term parking service, all you have to do is browse through the Web and search for the car park service that matches your needs. You can also easily compare various types of services and providers. You can make better decisions on the one that best suits your expectations and budget.

Reason #7: Availing of long-term parking service allows you to save time

These days, time has become an increasingly important commodity. With our busy work schedules and the many chores we need to do at home, attending to travel details can be a real hassle. Looking for friends or relatives with whom you can leave your car can be very time-consuming and does not guarantee that you’ll find someone with extra garage space.

By booking a spot for long-term parking service online, you no longer have to spend time asking your friends around. You can easily search for long-term parking services at home, which means you’ll have more time to attend to other things concerning your trip.

Reason #8: Using your private car is more convenient when you have to rush

Everyone seems to be in a rush going to the airport in an effort not to miss their flights. Well, you no longer have to worry about getting to the airport late because of late buses or the unavailability of cabs. When you use your own car, you can leave for the airport as soon as you’re ready. Likewise, you can quickly and easily get to your destination upon return from your trip. This is also especially convenient during extreme weather conditions.

Reason #9: You don’t have to worry about your car while you are away.

Sydney international airport parking ensures 24/7 security for your car. This allows you to relax during your vacation or to focus on business meetings and tasks if your travel is for work purposes. If you decide to go for other parking service providers, be sure to research on the level of security they provide for their customers’ vehicles. Aside from searching for customer reviews online, you can ask your friends or relatives for services they’ve previously used and with which they were satisfied.

Reason #10: With long-term parking, you will no longer need help from others.

People often tend to ask others to do things for them while they are away. An example would be requesting your neighbors to watch over your car. This, however, may be bothersome for them, as they also have other things to do. Moreover, these are usually asked as personal favors and are not paid services. As such, they may become unfair or intrusive to the other person, especially if you’ll be gone for a considerably long time. Also, what if you want to extend your stay? What if your trip unexpectedly gets cut short and you get back early, but the person in charge of your car isn’t at home?

With long-term-parking in Sydney, you no longer need to ask for favors from other people. All you have to do is simply relax, be assured that your car is being taken care of, and that you can easily have it back whenever you return from your trip.

Alternative to Long-term Airport Parking

If long-term airport parking is not something that suits your needs, then another option you may look into is renting garage spaces. There are companies that provide garages for rent or that connect you with people who have extra garages they rent out. These, too, provide a secure home for your vehicle, at a price that’s more affordable than parking services. They may also have fewer restrictions when it comes to the size of vehicles you can store in the garage. You can search for these types of services online.


There are many benefits to availing of long-term parking in Sydney if you’re going away for a few weeks or months. Not only does it provide you with ease and convenience, knowing that you can quickly travel to and from the airport anytime you need to, it also ensures the security of your vehicle while you’re away. In addition, you no longer have to ask help from others, as they, too, are busy with their own lives. This will also save you time from searching for a temporary home for your car, as you can easily search for parking space online. As with everything, though, be sure to do your research so that you can get the best deals possible and so that you can ensure the credibility of the service provider you choose.

If long-term airport parking services do not appeal to you, then you may want to consider renting a garage. For more information on garage spaces for rent in Sydney, visit https://spacer.com.au.

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