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Sydney can feel like the place to be. All the concerts, the restaurant openings, the cultural events seem to be happening in the city centre. Just like anything else though, it’s not all rosy and grand living in the big city. There are benefits, of course, but there are also some drawbacks that you may not have considered. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to move to Sydney, or if you’ve been living in the city centre for a while and are considering picking up and moving out, this is going to be a helpful pros and cons guide for you.

First, the benefits

Sydney is a stunning city. The food is great, the beaches are amazing and there’s so much to do that it’s impossible to ever be bored. The city itself is made up of so many smaller suburbs that you can travel just a few kilometers and feel the little differences that each little part of the city has to offer. It’s that kind of character and excitement that enraptures newcomers and keeps them coming back. Even those who make the decision to move out don’t usually say goodbye forever. People living in outer suburbs still find that the city centre is a great place to work and spend their free time. Sydney is a great place to be, however, just like every city in the world, there are things that may hinder you.

Some limitations you might run into

In fact, one of the most surprising expenses is the cost of parking in the city of Sydney. Companies like Spacer have made it much easier for Sydney-dwellers to offer up their available parking spaces, so it’s much cheaper than it used to be in the city. The main consensus remains that the further you travel away from the city, the less expensive parking will be. There is also a higher chance of you finding a parking spot in a less densely populated suburb than it would be in the city.

So, what is there to do?

What more and more people are doing is finding houses and apartments outside of Sydney and commute in for work, or travel in the evening or on their off days. For the former option, it’s entirely affordable to rent a monthly parking space through Spacer and then take public transportation into the city centre. Or, you can request a short term parking space for your evening or day trip.

Where else should you consider living?

There are tons of suburbs outside of the city limits of Sydney that are affordable, quiet and safe. The northern suburbs on the other side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are absolutely gorgeous, however might be a little pricey. The west and south of the city also has some lovely suburbs, and places such as Parramatta have CBDs of their own. The options here are some of the best rated suburbs outside of Sydney.

Take a look:

It’s a great time to live in New South Wales, regardless of if you decide to live in the bustling city centre of Sydney, or you opt for the quieter outer suburbs. So, whether you’re looking to move to the area as a total newcomer or you’ve been weighing your options for a while, take the time to choose what neighbourhood is best for you. Remember, while it’s important to take into consideration things like cost of living, parking availability and the like, don’t forget to explore, talk to people and get a feel for your new community!