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Update on the South Bank Developments

The developments in South Bank will soon be finished to reveal a new and expanded bicycle and pedestrian pathway that stretches from Veloway 1 to Woolloongabba Bikeway to the Goodwill Bridge. It’s often called the ‘missing link’ as it connects these major cyclist pathways.

For quite some time residents have struggled with sharing the narrow roads. With more than 4,000 bicycles on the path everyday, accidents and high traffic was inevitable. The project will separate the pedestrian and cyclist pathways on Little Dock Street, Dock Street and River Terrace. The connection between Little Dock Street and Goodwill Bridge will be made into a shared slow zone for cyclists and drivers alike, with the speed limit being 30 km/h.

There’s also talk of the Botanical Gardens Riverwalk Project. It will connect the City Reach Boardwalk to the Bunya Walk, running through the City Botanical Gardens, where a pedestrian-only pathway currently exists. This project is part of the 4-year improvements to the path and bikeway program. The path and bikeway will extend 176 metres from the City Reach Boardwalk to the City Botanical Gardens and will be 6 metres wide with a grey pedestrian pathway and green bike lanes. Some concerns around heritage sites have been raised, however, cyclists are more concerned about how it and the other projects connect to the existing cycling network.

In order to carry out the nearly $5 million project, there are 20 car parks that will be demolished to create the room needed. Stages 1a and 1b are currently under construction and should be finished by early 2019. The majority of residents have taken to this project, as they hope that it will create a more cohesive, faster bike network around Brisbane CBD. To address pedestrian safety concerns around the Lower River Terrace and the Veloway, the already existing speed hump will be moved further away so that drivers and motorists are able to slow down long before reaching the intersection. Specialised markings along Dock Street to alert people of cyclists and vehicles will also be included.

Before plans went ahead to develop stages 1a and 1c, a public consultation was held, with over 190 people responding to the survey. In addition to the consultation, 2400 letters were sent out and three more information sessions occurred with more than 250 people in attendance. Most of the feedback gathered from the sessions and surveys concerned the separation of the pedestrians and cyclists and were largely positive.


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