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Small Bedroom Ideas: 21 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Do you want a bigger bedroom? Simple and small bedroom ideas always do the trick. The bedroom is probably the third most important room in the house, next to the living room where families get together and the kitchen where everyone is provided a tasty meal. The bedroom is also a place where you can choose to be alone.

Most people are used to their room being messy or cluttered. But would you like to go home, after a long day from work or school, and stay in a room that feels cramped not only because of its small size but also because of the dirty clothes strewn around, the chips on the carpet, and the many things all over the place? You might be used to it, but there is always a better way to make your room look bigger. This is all about the smart use of space and how you can maximize it.  According to statistics, most homes in Australia have a maximum of three bedrooms.  How great it would be to organize all three rooms in the most spacious way possible!

If you’re too lazy to do something about your room, visualize an image of yourself coming home with a smile after a challenging day at work. Where does that smile come from? Well, from the image of a spacious, neat, and comfy bedroom that is somehow saying “welcome home.”

Remember that you can also come up with your own bedroom ideas for small rooms. But to get you started, here are 21 tips to make your bedroom look bigger.

Small Bedroom Idea #1: Find the perfect spot for your bed

First, you have to place your bed in the best position to provide more space for you to move around and for you to put some furniture in. Most people place their bed next to the wall, but you have to consider the length and width of your bed.  In other words, angle your bed to accommodate size.

Small Bedroom Idea #2: Keep your room free of clutter

Small bedroom storage ideas aren’t always just ideas; you can also consider them as chores that you have to do often. Most of the time, it’s not your bed, wardrobe, entertainment system, and study table that cramp your room. It’s what on those surfaces that make your room look smaller. These include dirty clothes, food, books, gadgets, soda cans–everything that you can easily remove by lifting and then tossing into to the garbage, washing machine, or a shelf.

Small bedroom storage ideas

Small Bedroom Idea #3: Keep your room clean

Dust is that fine particle that is present almost all over your room. A dusty floor can drive people nuts when they have to rub their feet together to get rid of the dust only to have it return to the floor or to your bed. As such, make sure to vacuum your room at least three times a week.

Small Bedroom Idea #4: Choose lighter colours for your bedroom wall

It is accurate to say that darker or strong colours like black, red, and violet makes a space look at lot smaller. In this regard, the solution is to choose a lighter and brighter colour. You can never go wrong with white or cream. Sky blue and light yellow will also do the trick.

Small Bedroom Idea #5: Use dark colours for the ceiling

Pale colours work for the walls surrounding your room. But when it comes to your ceiling, you might want to use darker colours. These shades tend to create the illusion of a higher ceiling, giving you the feeling of having more space.

Small Bedroom Idea #6: Organise your things according to color

Organizing your things like your clothes and books will work a lot better if you arrange them according to color. This makes your room look wider and more pleasant to look at.

Small Bedroom Idea #7: Opt for multi-purpose furniture

Most people resort to the wrong definition of comfort when it comes to putting furniture inside their room. You have a couch, an ottoman on the side, and then a reclining chair. You might instead want to consider getting rid of the chair and the ottoman. Why? Because you need all the space you can get if you want to sit or lie down, or maybe if you want to have friends over to watch a movie. There are couches that can be easily converted into a bed. While these types of furniture cost some money, they may be a worthwhile investment if you have the cash and want more space.

Small bedroom storage ideas

Small Bedroom Idea #8: Pull the furniture away from the wall

Refrain from pushing your furniture up against the wall, as it makes the room feel and look cramped. Instead, place even a few inches between your bigger items and the wall to create the feel of a more open space. You can then put a small console table within this space.

Small Bedroom Idea #9: Consider using a Murphy bed

If you want full access to your floor, why not consider using a Murphy bed? This is a wall bed that is hinged at one end and folded up so that it can be stored vertically in a closet or wall. It can also be made up of a foldable desk and chairs.

Bedroom storage ideas

Small Bedroom Idea #10: Maximize the use of your closet

It’s your room and, of course, you want to keep your things organized and secure. Your closet will provide enough space for your clothes and accessories. The key is to maximize your use of closet space. One tip would be to get rid of the hanger rack so you can put more clothes in it. You can also ask a handy man to install drawers inside your closet for valuable items like jewelry and gadgets. In addition, you can place your shoes inside your closet, so that you would no longer need a shoe rack. If you still want the hanger rack, try to use smaller hangers like flat or nonslip ones. 

Small Bedroom Idea #11: Fold jackets and sweaters

These types of clothes are larger in size. So instead of hanging them, why not fold them to provide more space for more clothes?

Small Bedroom Idea #12: Maximise your headboard space

Remember, you also have the choice of placing some things above you rather than on the floor. In other words, be creative in using your headboard space. This would work for hanging night lights instead of using lava lamps or placing lamps beside you. If you do need a nightstand, choose a small one, which you can put next to your bed. You might want to keep things like your alarm clock, car keys, and gadgets on it.

Small Bedroom Idea #13: Use bigger decorations

Using decorative items smaller than a cantaloupe can make a room look crowded. As such, opt for fewer and bigger decorations instead.

Small Bedroom Idea #14: Use a wall cubby

If you don’t have enough room inside your closet, you can put up a cubby on your wall where you can put more items like bags, books, and even shoes. Once again, maximize the space of the cubby.

Small Bedroom Idea #15: Utilise space under the bed

There is no monster under your bed. That means you can use the allotted space to store some stuff. You can keep emergency kits under your bed. That way, it would be easy to bring the items out when you need them. Remember, you need to store the items that are important within your bedroom space.

Small Bedroom Idea #16: Use space on top of your closet

 Just like under the bed, you can make use of space above your closet. You can fill up shoe boxes with items you don’t usually use and place them atop the closet.

Small Bedroom Idea #17: Use multifunctional entertainment space

Most rooms have an entertainment space and a computer desk. You can instead install one entertainment space where you can place your computer and television together.

Small Bedroom Idea #18: Use fewer pillows

Some people like to have themselves surrounded by pillows, not to mention huggable stuffed toys, when they go to sleep. As much as possible, though, use fewer pillows and one large blanket instead. Admit it; you don’t always make your bed every morning. As such, you’ll likely find your pillows on the floor when you come home.

Small Bedroom Idea #19: Don’t limit your storage space to your bedroom

When it comes to storage, you can use other rooms inside the house. If you have too many things, documents, and clothes lying around, you can place them in another room within your home. It may take longer for you to take them out, but this means only a few minutes or seconds longer. If you have a broom closet, why not turn it into a closet space you and your family can use? You can also maximize bedroom space by taking out things that can be taken out.

Small Bedroom Idea #20:  Open your windows

Most Australians prefer to have a window inside their bedroom. A window can make you feel that your bedroom is bigger, especially every time you open it. Another great tip is to ditch the curtains. Curtains might not take that much space, but they can make a room feel smaller, especially when they are not folded. If you ever feel stuck inside your room, pop the window open and enjoy the breeze coming in.

Small Bedroom Idea #21: Rent self-storage units

If you don’t have much space in your home and you still have a lot of stuff, a self-storage unit is a good way to go. Instead of putting everything inside your room, you can rent storage or garage units from people or companies. You can use them however you want. You can store furniture, clothes, machineries, and others in them. Statistics show that there are over 265,000 self-storage units in Australia, and there are a lot more that can be made available. Their price rates are affordable and you can even negotiate with the owners. These will surely help you in expanding your bedroom. If you are going to put some of your things in storage, be sure to sort them out first before you label them. Identify the things you want to sell or give away from those you want to place in storage.


A neat and pleasant bedroom really does take your stress away. Most of the tips in this article are not that hard to do and you can even do them yourself. However, you can always ask for help from interior designers on how you can make your bedroom bigger. You can also help others out if they are trying to achieve the same. You can bank on your creativity in doing so. Use the color coding tip or maybe you can arrange your furniture in an unorthodox way. There are people who use bunk beds with the top bed as the actual bed and the bottom space as storage for their stuff. You must also make sure that your bedroom is always clean. Getting your room clean and organized not only makes you feel more relaxed in it, allowing you to get more rest; it also makes you feel proud and comfortable to have your friends over.

Alternatively, you always have the option of putting some of your stuff in storage. There are hundreds of self-storage companies, which means that you have a wide array of self-storage units to choose from. If you want to widen or declutter your bedroom, Spacer is at the ready to provide you with the best self-storage unit choices. You can choose the size and location of the storage you want and based on what’s convenient for you.

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