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Packing Guide: What’s the Right Packing Box to Use?

After spring cleaning or in preparation for a big move, it is likely you’ll have big need for

packing and storage boxes. Storage boxes are essential for keeping things neat and orderly. You can use them to store unused clothes, toys that are no longer needed and other knick knacks that you still want to keep, or you would like in your new home.


An October 2017 census shows that in 2016, a third of young Australians aged 20 to 29 and a quarter of people aged 30 to 39 had moved since 2015. A six-month report of Urbis Storage Index (USI) covering December 2016 to June 2017 shows that the supply of storage units in Australia is expected to increase by more than 10% in less than two years. Both reports indicate a high proportion of Australians are moving and are in need of storage spaces and storage boxes.


Storage boxes come in various sizes, shapes, and prices. Some are made of corrugated carton whilst others are made of plastic and wood. This is a comparison of the different packing boxes, their uses and where you can order them.


Carton Boxes



Carton (Cardboard) boxes are the most convenient to use when you are moving or packing your things. They are light and can be readily bought at any retail store or even online. If you search for Ikea Storage boxes or Bunnings Storage boxes, you can easily get them in a day or two.

There are three common types of packaging boxes—folding, rigid, and corrugated. Folding storage boxes are commonly bought in retail stores and are the cheapest. They are usually made of a thin flat layer of cardboard. Perfect examples are gift boxes and shoe boxes. They are usually used to pack perfumes, jewellery, ornaments, oils, and shoes separately before packing them in a bigger box. A decorative gift box is $14.99 for two at Ikea.


Rigid storage boxes, also known as set-up boxes, are pre-formed and are sturdier. They do not fold or collapse and are often used when packing heavy objects in need of extra support. Rigid storage boxes are commonly used to pack documents and fragile objects. Prices at Ikea for storage boxes range from $4.99 to $14.99, depending on the size. You may also find them at Bunnings for as low as $1.99 apiece for a 26L box.


Corrugated boxes, also known as corrugated boards, are the common ones we use when moving between houses, because they can be folded and are strong. They have three wavy layers sandwiched between two outer flat layers. You may get two pieces at Ikea for $9. You may also find them at Bunnings for as low as $1.99 apiece for a 26L box. Robe boxes for clothes are also available at Bunnings.


Plastic Storage Boxes



Plastic storage boxes are the contenders of the carton. Not only are they sturdy; they are also easier to transport, with the items inside safe and secure. These clear boxes allow you to see what is inside so that you won’t have to waste time digging into the box when looking for specific items. Some have wheels which make moving heavy objects a lot easier.


Plastic storage boxes also come in different sizes and may be used for different purposes. They can hold small items like jewellery, buttons, pins and coins as well as bigger items like bags, books, clothes, toys and pots and pans. Plastic storage is good because it helps prevent your things from getting wet and destroyed by insects and rodents. Here are a few examples:


Plastic Storage Boxes with Wheels


Do you need to pack winter clothes, heavy comforters, curtains or even Christmas decorations? The best option is a plastic storage box with wheels. This will ease the strain of moving things around and it is stackable too so you won’t have to worry about making extra room for multiple boxes. Grey Kids Storage Box 80L at Bunnings costs $20, whilst the 160L version costs $35. Plastic storage boxes with no wheels are priced $4 to $15, depending on the size. Ikea storage boxes include brands like SAMLA, GODMORGON, and SORTERA, with prices ranging from $6.99 to $24.99.


Plastic Storage Boxes – Compartment Organiser


If you have a lot of charms, trinkets or jewellery, you might consider using a compartmentalised organiser. This will make it easier to sort out all the different types of earrings and charms you may have and to retrieve them whenever needed. This also eliminates the hassle of having to look for a pair of earrings in a mix of necklaces and bracelets. Some people even use this as a medicine box or a first aid kit container. You may also use this to keep your different coloured thread and buttons. A Taxtix Compartment Storage box for 6 costs $5.98 at Bunnings, while a Montgomery compartment box is priced at $8.98.


Packing Tips If You Are Moving


  1. Prepare your materials for packing. Aside from the storage boxes, you will also need a permanent black marker to label all the boxes. If you don’t want to mark your plastic boxes, you can use paper to label them clearly. You will need professional packing tape to secure the boxes. It is recommended that you use packing paper instead of newspapers which might stain the valuables.

  2. Use additional protection. For fragile items such as glass and plates, use bubble wrap. You may also use Styrofoam peanuts inside the boxes to keep the contents from moving and scraping against each other during transport. You may also use a foam wrap as a less bulky alternative to Styrofoam.

  3. Use the correct size of moving box. A small box is used for books, small appliances and tools, whilst a medium box is used for toys and kitchen items. A large box is ideal for packing linens and other bulky items like winter clothes. A wardrobe box is used for hanging clothes.

  4. Pack with the correct box. If you are packing light things and you are sure that they will not break, you may use carton boxes. The corrugated carton box is advisable for clothing, toys and other light objects. If you are packing something fragile, it is best to use plastic storage boxes to ensure their safety. Photo frames and important documents are also best placed in a plastic storage box. Jewellery and small items are best packed in compartment boxes.


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