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New Year’s Eve Parking in Sydney

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and people are rushing to make plans before the New Year arrives. The fireworks displays in Sydney are known worldwide due to the displays including the Harbour Bridge. Darling Harbour and areas surrounding the harbourside are packed full of people eager for a glimpse of the fireworks. Here, we have our top 3 ideal vantage points in Sydney for you to enjoy a night of entertainment and joy with friends and family.



Just around the corner from the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park, Blue’s Point Reserve is a prime spot for firework spotting as it offers one of the best views of the bridge display. The reserve lies on an incline that gradually leads to the water’s edge. Food stalls are set up if you and your family get hungry, as well as toilets, including accessible cubicles, that are available for use throughout the reserve. Additional to the reserve, there are also great walks that lead around and under the Harbour Bridge, if you are early to the party and wouldn’t mind getting a closer look at the display. It is also within walking distance of North Sydney Station, making it extremely convenient for both locals and tourists to gather together and celebrate the New Year. Bradfield Park is close to Milsons Point Station and right in front of Luna Park, making it a much desired vantage point. The park is situated just underneath the bridge so it’s right where the action is. The path by the waters edge curves around if you wanted to view the front of the Harbour Bridge for the amazingly unique displays that are planned for celebrating the beginning of the New Year.



Located in the city of Campbelltown, this fireworks display offers a quality alternative to the Harbour Bridge displays for New Year’s Eve. With two firework displays, at 9pm and midnight, get away from the city bustle and enjoy the spectacular acts on-stage as well as in the sky, with a giant screen that allows everyone to enjoy the performances throughout the night. There is onstage entertainment with acts from local dance and singing groups, more high profile acts and childrens shows so that there is something for everyone. Food and merchandise stalls are also available for those who aren’t interesting in bringing bags of food from home, as well as those who want mementos from this special night. The venue is alcohol and drug free, so make sure your friends and family come down to celebrate the New Year together.



This bohemian suburb is a great place to watch the end the year with a literal bang. With famous actors, film directors and authors, you’ll be watching the fireworks display with royalty to carry with you into the New Year. Illoura Reserve in Balmain East offers an amazing centre viewpoint from the Western side of the Harbour Bridge and is just a few minutes walk from the wharf. There is also Thornton Park, just located on the other side of the ferry wharf, that offers views just as spectacular as Illoura Reserve does. Both have bathrooms, with Thornton Park also including accessible toilets. This is also an alcohol and drug free zone, so don’t hesitate to bring your family along and enjoy the fireworks together.



Parking is always an issue, especially on a public holiday with many of the stores and major shopping centres taking the day off. The remaining car parks that do offer parking on these days take advantage of the high demand and as a result, have extremely exorbitant prices. Luckily, there are some of these spaces that have affordable and reasonable pricing for parking during all times of the day.

The Domain Car Park offers drivers a flat rate of $20 for the day and it is open from 6am on New Year’s Eve to 3am on New Year’s Day. It’s also ideally situated in the city, within minutes of Pitt St Mall, Botanic Gardens, and Circular Quay so you’ll have a very nice view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House when the firework displays begin. In addition, the Domain Car Park also offers booked parking spaces so be sure to get in early and reserve parking spots now.

Despite the lack of parking options within the city, there are parking spaces available near public transport stations that will be available to the public during the display. There are a car parks around large stations such as Parramatta Wharf, where there are secure parking areas. Affordable prices are available to those who book online and in advance. Secure parking areas are located on George St, Phillip St, Horwood Place and Church St. Birkenhead Point has many car parks that are within a reasonable walking distance of the wharf and offer the first 2 hours of parking free of charge which, depending on if you wish to view one of both of the fireworks displays, would be enough time to travel to and from the city.

Alternatively, you could look into Parkhound and the selection of short-term parking spaces they have available. If you need it for just the night, prices start at $4.50 per day in Balmain for example.

This could be very handy if you would like to avoid all the traffic and turmoil of driving into the city and struggling to find a parking space before the fireworks display. You could even rent a space close to a wharf so that you don’t have to worry about people sideswiping your car, running out of time on the meter or about finding a parking spot at peak period.


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