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Mattress Storage Tips

When putting your items in storage for any amount of time, it’s important that you pack them in a way that’s certain to protect them while maintaining their quality. If you value you’re sleep, then it is likely that you will have a high-quality mattress that you also value.

High quality mattresses are expensive and valuable so therefore it’s of your best interest to ensure you pack and store your mattress in the best possible way. Here are our 7 top tips for packing a mattress.

  1. Take all sheets, comforters and mattress protectors off your mattress and remove it from the bed frame. It’s important to ensure that it is completely dry and free of any dirt or other contaminants.
    To be safe, or if you’re unsure, you can place the mattress in direct sunlight for a few hours to make sure it’s 100% dry.

  2. Your next step is to purchase a mattress storage bag. These can be found online, in hardware stores or specialised furniture stores.  There’s a lot of choices out there with various sizes and materials, so it’s important you select the correct one for your mattress. Storage bags made of polyethylene are usually the best option.

  3. Before you put your mattress into the storage bag, its imperative to check its completely dry and free of dirt dust and signs of mould. Once you’re sure of this, gently place it within the bag and tape the ends shut. Ensure that it is totally closed and all parts are covered and protected.

  4. You’re now ready to transport it to your storage location. You can find secure, affordable and local storage units on Spacer. Be careful when getting your mattress in and out of your truck, they are large, heavy and hard to manoeuvre.

  5. Before loading your mattress into storage, you should be sure that your storage space is dry and free of any infestations and has adequate air circulation.

  6. Now that you’re ready to place your mattress with in your storage space, it’s important you understand how it should be stored. You should never store your mattress on its ends or sides, instead it should always be flat. In addition to this, you shouldn’t store any other items on top of your mattress, but if you do, make sure its lightweight and distributed evenly.

  7. Regardless of how well you store your mattress, you can’t expect it to maintain its quality. No matter what conditions mattresses are kept in, their structure and fabrics will ultimately deteriorate over time, so make sure you use it at some point!

If you’re looking to store a mattress, or simply need more storage space, Spacer can provide you with affordable, secure and local storage solutions.

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