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Living Room Décor: 23 Beautiful Ways to Create Space in your Home

Nowadays, there seems to be a general trend of people living in relatively smaller spaces. In a study conducted by BIS Oxford, it shows that there is an upsurge in the number of Australians living in multi-residential buildings. The increase is a product of any different factors such as housing affordability and the acceptance of down-sizing. Gone are the days when homes usually come with a big lawn and high ceilings. Living in the metropolis is now tantamount to living in a condo unit or apartment.

Of course, that does not mean that you have to live less, with less space. All you have to do is plan thoroughly on how things should go and where they should be. The key is to use living room décor not only to beautify your space but also to make it look more spacious. The great question now is: How do you make the most out of a smaller living area? Here are 23 beautiful ways to create space in your home.

Living Room Decorating Tip #1: Avoid big and chunky sofas

If you are dealing with a small space, the old school sofa may be your worst enemy. It takes up so much space that it does not leave any room for your other belongings. Luckily, a lot of furniture stores now carry with them design lines that are sleek and fit for modern living. It is good to ask yourself these very practical questions: “Do I entertain a lot of guests?” or ”How many will regularly sit on this sofa?” The answers to these will help you decide in picking the right living room décor for your home.

Living Room Decorating Tip #2: Use chairs that have slim armrests

Armrests may provide comfort for whoever is sitting on the chair. However, they  may also cause a busy and cramped up look for your space. If you really prefer to have chairs with armrests, go for ones that have slimmer arms. They still have the comfort of armchairs but are not as imposing and voluminous.

Living Room Decorating Tip #3: Use light colored curtains

Another trick in the book for making your room appear larger is the use of light colored curtains, especially sheer ones. These types of curtains allow more light to come in, creating the feel of airiness around the space. One downside to using them is that it is not a good way to ensure the privacy in your home. If that is fine with you, though, then these will surely do the trick in making your house look bigger.

Living Room Decorating Tip #4: Strategically place mirrors around the room

Placing mirrors strategically can make any area appear roomier. Mirrors not only create the illusion of space; they are also a good reflector of light. Remember that light colors are the Holy Grail for creating bigger spaces.

Living Room Decorating Tip #5: Ditch the throw pillows

While throw pillows are definitely a character builder for any room, you may choose to ditch them instead. In fact, nobody ever uses that many pillows in real life. You may opt to put one or two to add character, then throw in some stylish blanket. It never hurts to try something new from time to time.

Living Room Decorating Tip #6: Use vertical type storage furniture

Make the most out of your space by using vertical type storage cabinets for the living room. Many people now use the ceiling-to-floor shelves because they maximize the length of the house. It is important to note though, that, it is better not to fill all the holes of the shelf to the fullest. Some spaces are best left with a single ornament or a candle. By doing so, a sense of movement and energy is created within the area. 

Living Room Decorating Tip #7: Use a striped carpet

Make your home a life-sized optical illusion. The striped pattern fashions elongated lines across the room, helping in the creation of an extended space. You may use finer stripes to keep it low key, but you can also go for big bold stripes.

Living Room Decorating Tip #8: Hang curtains higher

The idea of hanging your curtains higher is basically based on the same principle as using vertical storage. Using the top portion of your room is a smart way of maximizing space. It also lengthens the room vertically.

Living Room Decorating Tip #9: Swap your coffee tables for an ottoman

An ottoman is a great substitute for a coffee table. Tables have one sole purpose whereas ottomans are structured to have a sturdy, flat surface that can function both as a seat and as a table. All you have to do is put a tray or a mat over it and place your magazines or candles on top.

Living Room Decorating Tip #10: Use stackable chairs

When someone says stackable chairs, you immediately think of plastic party chairs that are cheap and flimsy. In this case, that is not what you are going for. There are a lot of designs now that are stylish and functional. If you are inviting guests over, you can just line the chairs up for additional seating. If not in use, you can stack them into a chic, classy conversation piece sitting in the corner of your living room.

Living Room Decorating Tip #11: Create invisible storage areas

Nothing takes up more space than idle stuff lying around. You do not have to display all your pillows or ornaments in one go. Use some and store the others. If you are quite the handy man, you can construct built-in storage under your sofa or tables where you can keep your other things. You can also buy ottomans or accent chairs that double as storage boxes. 

Living Room Decorating Tip #12: Light up the place

As already mentioned, light is your best friend when it comes to creating spacious rooms. If your place is abundant with natural light, then good for you. There is minimal work to be done. However, if your house is not blessed with such, you can still fake it. Use LED light bulbs for better lighting with less energy consumption. Place them near areas where the emitted light can be reflected, such as near mirrors, and light colored walls.

Living Room Decorating Tip #13: Use crystals or translucent materials

Wood, metal, and plastic may be cheaper alternatives, but these materials are very solid. They usually come in dark colors that tend to absorb light. Using crystals or translucent materials, on the other hand, fosters movement around the area. For instance, a ghost chair in the dining area creates the illusion that nothing much is in the room even if there is; hence, its name.

Living Room Decorating Tip #14: Install wallpapers that draw the eyes upward

If the striped carpet does not suit your taste, then maybe you can go for striped wall papers. If that still does not make you giddy, you can still go for any print of wall paper that draws the eyes upward; an ombre print or misty forest print might do the trick for you.

Living Room Decorating Tip #15: Use light colored flooring

Another trick to make your room feel bigger is to avoid dark colored materials as flooring. Dark flooring creates too much structure that it can sometimes feel restricting. Colors such as light grey, cream, or ash can never go wrong.

Living Room Decorating Tip #16: Use a few statement pieces

Just because you are trying to minimize your things to create a larger space doesn’t means you have to be boring. You can still play around! Instead of putting many, small decorations, go for big statement over the top pieces, like a super vibrant painting or a neon-colored blanket across your sofa. Anything that can add character to your home is definitely a must. Just be sure you know where to place it so that it will not counter all your efforts in making your space feel bigger.

Living Room Decorating Tip #17: Opt to use legged furniture

Leaving space in between the furniture and the flooring brings better light and air flow around the room. Furniture fully attached on the ground blocks light. Unlike legged pieces, it dims the room and it gives the impression of consuming more space.

Living Room Decorating Tip #18: Keep only the things you actually use

Do you really watch TV in your living room? Or do you prefer to watch your favorite sitcom right before your sleep? Ask yourself questions like this and you might just end up removing all the other things in your living area.

Living Room Decorating Tip #19: Leave a space between the wall and the furniture

There is a great tendency for people to push back their furniture too close to the wall. They wrongly assume that this is going to create more space in the center. However, it is best to leave about four to five inches between the wall and the furniture. Again, the illusion of light movement and airflow are key concepts to remember in dealing with smaller space.

Living Room Decorating Tip #20: Use Multi-functional furniture

You do not have to use one furniture piece for a single purpose. The sofa end table, for example, can also be used as storage. Your accent chair can be used as a book shelf. You just have to let loose and be a little creative. You can do wonders with your home despite the limited number of items in it.

Living Room Decorating Tip #21: Ditch the dragging drop lights

If you have a low ceiling, drop lights are a no-no. There are hundreds of designs now for regular ceiling lamps that are stylish and made for low-ceiling and small spaces. Your house does not need a chandelier to look grand and fab.


Living Room Decorating Tip #22: Stick to a muted color palette

While loud colors may seem the first choice in giving your room character, this might not work for tiny areas. It is better to stick to a muted palette as your over-all color scheme and add a few bright and funky pieces here and there. What you can do is find the color you like and look for a muted substitute. For example, if you want a Barbie pink wall paper, maybe you can choose another pink tone that is two shades lighter. It is all about toning down.

Living Room Decorating Tip #23: De-clutter

This cannot be emphasized enough. Everyone is guilty of keeping things they do not actually need in their homes. Really, how many coffee tables do you need in your living area? How many past magazine issues are there in your console table?  They take up space and accumulate dust.  Remove them from your house and be stress-free. Imagine how many hours you have spent cleaning things you do not actually need. If you find it very difficult to let them go, you don’t need to. You can still keep them somewhere. There are a lot of spaces for rent where you can store unused stuff. You can rent them for days, months, or years, depending on your need. All you have to do is pick up your phone or send an email and you are on your way to a clutter-free, spacious living room!


Your space, no matter how big or small, can look fabulous. Following any of the tips above will surely bring life to your living room. Start by eliminating all unnecessary things in your house, then incorporate room design that provides the illusion of more space.

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