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Jump on the Garage Sale Trail!

One of the effective ways to declutter your home is to hold a garage sale. Your home may already be overcrowded with an array of belongings that you don’t regularly use. You may also discover reusable items, which you can donate and sell at yard sales in your home or neighbourhood. This way, you free up extra space that can be used for other purposes.


In Australia, both residents and visitors anticipate the annual garage sale. This two-day event gives sellers and shoppers their time of day, whether they want to make big sales or find rare treasures. If you live in Sydney, why not take the chance to be involved in this awesome event either by being a seller or shopper? You may have a lot of fun at a garage sale in Sydney.


Garage Sale Trail


The Garage Sale Trail is an annual event in Australia that is held all over the country. It is both a national and community undertaking that is sponsored by local councils across the different states and territories of Australia.


The ‘Choose to Reuse’ campaign slogan of the annual Garage Sale Trail speaks of its advocacy to promote the reuse of things instead of being taken to landfills. It allows for second hand items a chance to find a new owner and a new home. Whilst recycling is a good way to give your things a new lease on life, reusing them is even better. It extends not only the life but also the value of the things you used to own.


Aside from promoting the reuse of resources, the event is also a venue to bring communities together toward a common goal. It enhances the support and participation of locals in community activities.


The Garage Sale Trail 2018 will be held on October 20 and 21 (Saturday and Sunday). The two-day event is expected to generate over 20,000 garage sales nationwide. More than two million items would be available at bargain prices and would be offered in parks, lanes and streets in Australia. Everyone is invited to come and join the hundreds of thousands of treasure hunters. Have fun exercising your haggling skills.


Shoppers participating in a garage sale in Sydney are definitely in for a treat. Alex Zabotto-Bentley, designer and event expert, has expressed his intention to join the annual garage sale and offer some of the prominent props he has used in his photoshoots for sale.


In 2017, about 320,000 shoppers participated in the nationwide garage sales, making 15,000 sales worth more than $2.1 million.


How It Started


The first Garage Sale Trail was held in Bondi Beach during the Sizzle Bondi Community Festival on 9 May 2010. The activity successfully organised 126 garage sales that were held simultaneously. It was aimed to encourage people to sell their items for reuse, instead of immediately sending them to the landfills. The event that gained national attention garnered awards such as the Wentworth Courier Business Achiever award and the Media Excellence’s Green Globe Awards.


By July 2010, the organisers announced their intention to subsequently hold the Garage Sale Trail as a national event by involving at least 30 local councils all across Australia. Since the first Garage Sale Trail, the event has gained strength, popularity and tremendous support from all over the country. It becomes bigger year after year and is now recognised as the world’s grandest garage sale.


How to Get Involved


Everyone is encouraged to join the event. You can do the garage sale on your own or by joining a group in your community, which is hosting a sale. Groups and local residents enjoy free registration. 


Be a host

Check your homes. There might be things you no longer use that are still taking up much needed space in your closets, cabinets and anywhere around your house. Clean up these spaces and turn your stuff into cash. If you want to host a garage sale, check out the Garage Sale website and learn how to register. If you are among the first 1,250 registrants, you will be given a free promotional pack. Your items for sale will be listed on the page, which will be available to shoppers a week before the big event. You may also map your garage trail.


Join a group

If you are not keen on selling, you can opt to join a group. Check out the list of groups participating in your area so that you can properly coordinate with them.


In order to properly organise your home, you might want to set aside some time to sort out your things. You will discover that there are some items that you no longer need and are ready to be found by new owners.


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