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Craigslist vs Gumtree vs Spacer – Which is Best?

The Internet has transformed the way most people shop, because of the countless advantages and conveniences it brings. Many Australians today prefer purchasing things online to the standard procedure of going into the physical stores and trying on an endless array of clothing. Australians are incorporating digital tools and programs into their purchasing commitments and buying routine. Statistics show that in 2013, 77.2% of Internet users in the country purchased products online. Since then, the figure has been growing. In 2018, the rate of online purchases climbed to 81%.




If you are from Sydney or Adelaide and are considering buying or selling used items online, the popular online sites to visit are Craigslist Sydney and Craigslist Adelaide. Craigslist started as an email distribution list in 1995 in San Francisco. It embarked on a journey in 1996 to incorporate other classifications. In 2000, it expanded to other states. Craigslist now covers more than 50 countries, including Australia. It is one of the world’s most frequently visited online marketplaces.


Despite Craigslist recently shutting down its personal section, it advertises almost anything, from phones to baby products. You can actually find a house to buy or rent on Craigslist Sydney and Craigslist Adelaide. It also allows you share knowledge with other keen bargain hunters via their forums.


Craigslist serves as a fantastic source for all sorts of necessities—from finding a job to selling goods to discovering concealed treasures.




If you are looking for a website similar to Craigslist for buying and selling online, Gumtree Australia is one of the good alternatives out there. Gumtree began in 2000 and was developed by two entrepreneurs: Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. Gumtree Australia links over three million Australians every month to purchase and find anything. This includes vehicles on Gumtree Cars, business services, jobs, furniture, rentals, tickets as well as pets in their local area. Whilst it is not nearly as vast as Craigslist, it covers six countries and 60 cities.


Now, Gumtree is managed by eBay’s internal classifieds category. If you need to buy a new car, as exciting as it is, the procedure of finding and purchasing one can give you a headache. No one is fond of having a nerve-racking salesman breathing down their neck or striving to get them to drive home a car that is just not what they are looking for. Fortunately, Gumtree Cars has a wide line-up—from midsize sedans, SUVs, vans, minivans and convertibles to all-terrain pickup trucks. You have so many to choose from with only a swipe of your fingertips.


Gumtree is undoubtedly the most suitable for huge items (such as furniture and big appliances).


Gumtree vs Craigslist


If you are looking for spaces to rent, both Craigslist and Gumtree offer storage and parking spaces. However, on Craigslist, you might have a hard time looking for a rented space simply because there are so many factors to be considering when you’re choosing a home. Some users may not have as many details about the house as you would like. The titles can also be a little vague in terms of how they’re written by users. Try to be careful when transacting on Craigslist and other online platforms as sometimes the users don’t always put all the information about their goods and services, leading you to purchase something that doesn’t meet your needs. Beyond that, Craigslist’s presence in Australia is relatively small making finding items difficult.


Gumtree appears to be better than Craigslist in terms of security and the number of choices. For example, if you are looking for a parking space around Queensland, you can rent one at Gumtree for $20 a day. However, neither Gumtree or Craigslist offer insurance or money back guarantee should something go wrong between you and the seller.


Spacer’s Solution


If you are on a tight budget or don’t want the hassle of renting a space, Spacer is a possible choice for you. It offers affordable, secure and convenient storage and parking to meet your needs. In Sydney CBD, you can rent space for as low as $129 per month. To obtain a spot from Spacer, all you need to do is sign up, search for your ideal space and book it through the website. It is available nationwide. To know more about how this works, click here.


As Spacer is exclusively for renting parking spaces and storage, you will never run out of good choices. In addition, Spacer is Australia’s most trusted marketplace for storage and parking. We provide $10,000 insurance with IAG Sharecover for storage and have a money back guarantee.


If you are in need of a shed, Spacer has them, too! If you got a caravan, car, boat, furniture or kids’ toys that you need to secure, Spacer has a local, convenient and affordable self-storage unit that is closer to you. Storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes and those are conveniently located in your local neighbourhood.


Selling your space on the platform is also very easy. If you have an empty garage or a spare room for storage, you can also earn money by having it listed on

At Spacer, searching for the right space to accommodate your needs is no longer a hassle. Why get stressed when you can book with Spacer?

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