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Australia Day Parking Tips in Sydney

The 26th of January 2018 marks the 230th Australia celebration where more than half of all Australians participate by attending events organised by State Governments, local councils, and community groups. It is a country-wide national holiday. Australia Day is a perfect  opportunity to get together with family and friends to celebrate the unique and diverse culture of Australian. Fantastic events are set around Sydney with family entertainment, live music, harbour parades, gourmet food trucks and awe-inspiring fireworks on offer.

Though a national holiday, public transport is available to those attending the festivities.  But with a big event such as Australia Day, expect a really huge crowd and a long queue on public transport. If you are going to the city with the whole family of a group of friends, it is best to bring your car to prevent from being caught up in the long lines and delays. Plan ahead. With so many things happening on Australia Day, it’s good to know where you’d like to spend the day. And with so many people flocking to the city on Australia Day, it’s best reserve a parking spot as early as possible. We’ve gathered Australia Day events in Sydney and the best possible parking spaces for your worry-free Australia Day celebration.

Sydney Australia Day Events

Activities galore on this year’s Australia Day celebration. From jam-packed fun games and activities for the kids, to live music events, to traditional Indigenous practices and a spectacular fireworks display, you will surely have a busy fun-filled day on the 26 January. The New South Wales Government lined up awesome events for everyone, so before you head out, do a bit of planning and build your itinerary for the day. Below is a summary of the Australia Day events in Sydney:

Whether you’re a boatie fan, a fireworks enthusiast or looking for family-friendly entertainment, you’ll definitely find lots of things to do and see on Australia Day. There will also be roving performers all throughout the day. What’s a big event without great food? Australia’s finest food trucks and markets at The Rocks will be open from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Most events will happen simultaneously all around Sydney so choose your activities and destinations well. For more details about the events above, please visit the official New South Wales Australia Day website. If you’ve finished listing down your itinerary for the day, let’s look for the best parking spaces in Sydney.

Australia Day Parking Tips

While public transport is available all throughout the day, tagging along kids or a bunch of friends in crowded terminals might not be be the best solution. Travelling by car is the most convenient option. Sydneysiders are hesitant to bring a car for one main reason, parking. The usual parking facilities near public parks and commercial centres would probably be open on Australia Day so you can find that perfect picnic spot. However, these parking spots are likely to be filled with cars even before most events begin.

Have your own parking spot reserved ahead of time. This will not only guarantee you a parking space, it will definitely save you time and money. Parking options offered by third party parking solution providers are your best bet. We checked on parking space availability and price range on different locations around Sydney on 26 January. These are the top 3 third party parking solutions provider: Wilson Parking, Secure Parking and Parkhound. See the comparison table below:

Secure Parking is a third party parking solution provider for most hotels and malls in the area. Some facilities are unoperational during Australia Day. There are a few available parking facilities that are relatively near key locations during the celebration but some parking spots appear to be a bit pricey. To prevent any inconvenience, please double check operating hours as some opens later or closes earlier than the scheduled events on Australia Day.

Wilson Parking, like Secure Parking, provides parking spaces for most commercial areas in Sydney. It has more parking places open on 26 January. However, some parking spaces are more than 1 kilometre away from the venues. While most parking facilities are open 24 hours, please make sure to check their closing time especially if you plan on staying out late to see the fireworks display. Parking costs are more expensive than the other two.

Parkhound is an affordable and convenient parking sharing platform. It is a community marketplace, joining people with spaces with those who seek a cost-effective, hassle-free parking solution. Because it utilises already existing carports, driveways and garages around the area, it can offer a wider range of parking options depending on the renter’s need. Parkhound offers both long and short-term parking options for a fraction of the price. Parkhound also provides opportunities for you to support your community by listing your unused parking spaces and making extra income this year.

Remember, the key to a hassle-free Australia Day celebration is to plan ahead. Carefully check the schedule of events and create an itinerary for you and the whole family. This way your kids can enjoy the giant board games on the Sydney Street Party in the morning while you get fashion bargains at the The Rocks Market in the afternoon. Get the best front row seat for the spectacular fireworks display to cap 2018 Australia Day. On the 26th, leave early if possible to avoid long delays and road congestion. As long as you’ve got a parking space reserved for you, you don’t have to worry about parking when you get to your venue of choice. We hope you’ll have a fun and safe Australia Day celebration in Sydney.



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