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Ace vs Jetaway vs Spacer – How Much Does Long-Term Airport Parking in Melbourne Cost?

Most people take public transport to the airport as the airport’s own parking service ranges from $149 to $229 a week, more than enough to get a fancy dinner or a nice souvenir on your travel abroad. Although Melbourne Airport now offers a budget-friendly outdoor parking option called ‘Melbourne Airport Long-Term Car Park’, its high popularity means that it is almost always sold out. Taking a bus or a cab to the airport is not all bad, especially when you’re travelling alone. But for the sake of convenience, driving to an airport is often the preferred choice for a family or group of friends, especially if they’ve got kids along.

Airport parking can quickly become confusing, with so many different airport parking options, it’s difficult to tell which type of airport parking suits you best. So, how do you get your money’s worth, and what should you be looking out for?

Let’s start with brief descriptions of important airport parking terminologies.

Airport parking has two types of parking durations:

  • Short term parking  – is parking your vehicle at an airport parking lot for less than 7 days. As it charges per day, it is usually a little more expensive. Parking rates are decided on per hour basis or per day basis in case the duration is more than 24 hours.

  • Long term parking –  is parking your vehicle for more than 7 days, usually when leaving the state or country. In comparison to short-term parking, it is generally considered much cheaper and cost effective.

These days, off-airport long-term parking spaces are great alternatives to the traditional airport-owned parking facilities. Still located near the airport, prices for parking are usually far less.

Different people have different needs and preferences when it comes to where they park their ride. Below are different airport parking options:

  • Airport parking (branded) – parking spaces available within the airport and is owned by the airport itself. Flight reservations/booking would sometimes offer airport parking as an add on or you may reserve a spot through the airport’s website.

  • On-airport parking – parking spaces located next to, or close to, the airport terminal walking distance from terminals).

  • Off-airport parking – parking spaces away from the airport complex (you may have to catch a shuttle bus to the terminal).

  • Airport hotel parking – airport hotels usually include free airport parking in their amenities upon reservation.

  • Shared parking spaces – privately owned or commercial parking in close proximity to the airport for rent.

Airport parking fees are dependent on duration of your stay and where you park your vehicle. The closer you’re parking space to the airport and the shorter your parking duration, the higher the price you pay. If taking a short cab or shuttle ride from the parking facility to the terminal doesn’t bother you, then finding a good deal for parking off-airport for a longer period of time is far easier. Save even more money by self parking or driving your car off to the parking facility yourself. This way, you can keep your keys and it costs less than valet parking who park it on your behalf.

Ace Airport Parking

Ace Airport Parking takes pride with their round the clock manned and monitored undercover and outdoor airport parking. They provide on demand 24/7 shuttle service. Car owners can choose to self park and keep their keys or valet parking for convenience. Loyalty programs and corporate accounts are also available.  

Jetaway Airport Parking

Jetaway Airport Parking, pioneer in off-airport parking, provides outdoor parking just a few minutes from the airport. They have 24-hour security and shuttle service that run continuously. They do not have online reservation but their 24/7 customer service line is ready to assist.



Spacer is Australia’s premier peer to peer marketplace for parking that is secure, convenient and affordable. Spacer’s undercover parking spaces range from roofed carports, lock-up garages and spacious driveways. This wide range of options is relatively low cost in comparison to airport-owned parking lots. In the near vicinity to the airport, there are no minimum term rental contracts, giving you flexibility to suit your personal requirements.

While we have provided a rough estimate of each player’s parking rates and services above, it is still best to check their websites for updates. A comparison website can also help in finding the best offer for parking facilities like Ace and Jetaway. Pre-booking your parking spaces  prior to your departure date online or through their customer service hotline is highly recommend. Airport parking fees are subject to increase especially during peak holiday times. Book early to avoid sudden price hikes and for a guaranteed parking spot as the holiday period tends to be busier. Spacer, unlike its competitors, maintains fixed prices for its parking spots. As they have a large listing of spaces near Melbourne Airport, you are sure to find the best parking space to suit your needs at a very affordable price.

Whichever airport parking facility you entrust your car to, make sure to know their location and how long will it take you to get to the airport after parking. This way, you won’t miss your flight to that relaxing vacation you have been looking forward to. Now that you’ve got your ride parked, let your worry-free holiday start. Enjoy!



Ace Airport Parking

Jetaway Airport Parking

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