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6 Things you must do before going on holiday

6 Things you must do before going on holiday

Going on holiday can be a stressful adventure, even before you board the plane. There’s a lot to remember, a lot to pack, and a lot to have organised before you leave, and all of this can create pre-holiday stress making all of this organisation harder to do. So, if you’re flying off on a holiday in the near future here are 10 things you must do before you leave.


1. Find Your Passport

Depending on how frequent you travel, your passport may be in the back of a drawer where it was put away the last time you returned from a holiday. Find it, get it out and check everything is in order. This all needs to happen several months before you leave. This is because there are some countries that require your passport to be valid for a certain period of time upon your arrival.

If you need a new passport, apply for one immediately! Don’t leave it to late or your holiday could be over before it begins.


2. Gather Essential Documents

When travelling overseas you are likely going to need some pages of documents. These could include an international drivers licence, your boarding pass, hotel confirmation and/or your itinerary.

You should also gather a page of important phone numbers, like emergency contact details and insurance details, as well as your passport number. Put all these things together in a plastic folder so it’s easily accessible during your travels.


3.Organise Your Luggage – Make sure you know how much you can take!

Start by packing the bare essentials and then, if it fits, add whatever else you might want to take. Before you leave home, weigh your luggage. Check with your airline about how heavy your luggage can be and adhere to these guidelines. Arriving at the airport with bags that are too heavy will result in hefty fees, dependant on your airline. Most importantly, double check you haven’t forgotten anything!


If you do need extra weight allowances, book online before you get to the airport as this will work out cheaper for you.


4. Secure Your Home

The worst way to end your holiday would be to return to your home to see it has been broken into.

Check all doors and windows are locked and cancel any deliveries you may get while you’re away. Ask a family member, close friend or trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the house and to collect your mail.

Securing your home is important because if you do suffer a break in, and the house was found not to be properly secure, insurance companies will not cover you. For extra piece of mind, store any valuable objects in self storage. You can find local and affordable storage spaces for all your needs on Spacer.


5. Plan Your Trip to the Airport

Make sure you know the route to the airport and keep an eye and ear out for any possible delays which may affect you. Leave with plenty of time!

Spacer can also provide you with a storage solution for your car while your away. Find a garage close to the airport and organise a lift, or taxi pick up from that location to take you to the airport.


6. Sort Out Travel Money

Your travel money is obviously very important to your survival in your destination but leaving it to the last minute could cost you. Purchasing currency online will likely prove to be the most cost effective way of getting cash.

Alternatively, you could purchase a prepaid card before you leave. This card works by a simple prepaid method where you top it up with cash. You can do this easily online so if you find it running low during your travels you shouldn’t have any issue topping it back up. Just ensure the card will work in the country of your destination.

If you’re planning on using your credit or debit card while overseas, it is important to notify your bank as any sudden overseas activity can appear suspicious and your card may be blocked.

There’s 6 things you must do before you go on holiday. Hopefully this checklist proves helpful, reduces the pre-holiday stresses and maximises the holiday fun!

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