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5 Reasons Your Car is Prematurely Ageing

Taking care of your car is imperative. If you don’t do it, it’s time to start right now. There are many things you can do to ensure your car lasts as long as it was intended to. Each of these tasks will be very simple to carry out but bring plenty of benefits.

Driving too fast

Driving fast will not only get you fines, injured or killed, it will also ruin your car. Driving too fast forces you to brake harder, faster and more abruptly, this takes a toll on your tires and brakes. This is the primary cause for worn tires and brakes.

Leaving room between you and the car in front is crucial. It means you don’t have to brake very abruptly, the more space you leave, the better it is for your brakes. It also pays to think a step ahead so you can see potential danger, knowing when you need to brake.


Weather is extremely damaging to a car. Both summer and winter will take a toll on your vehicle. Keeping your car outside will mean it sees the direct effects of extreme cold and heat.

The interior and exterior will both be affected. On the interior, the dashboard can crack, plastics can melt, and the fabric and upholstery can fade and age faster. One way to avoid this is keeping the seats oiled and have windscreen cover.  Also, if the sun is directly hitting speakers, it can cause damage.

The best way to avoid this is finding a good place to park your car. If you don’t have a garage or carport, see if you can rent cheap parking through self-storage sites like Spacer.

Riding the brake or clutch

We have all experienced the driver who is frequently got their foot on and off the brake, jolting passengers back and forth. Other than being very uncomfortable, it's also wearing down the brakes of the car.

Like riding the brake, manual transmission drivers who overuse the clutch will damage their car. If you have your foot on the clutch too much, that’s why you need to replace it so often.

Wearing down your brake or clutch is ageing your car quickly, it’s also wearing down your wallet! Replacing these parts of a car is very expensive, so make sure you only do it when necessary.

If you are guilty of these driving sins, try to plant your left foot on what's known as the dead pedal. It’s to the left of the brake or clutch. Doing this will brace you during sharp turns and keep you from riding the brake or clutch.

Poor tyre maintenance

Many of us overlook our cars tires. Driving around with improperly inflated tires will wear down the tread and waste fuel.

If your tires are too far under their ideal inflation, you are affecting your car's handling and braking. This is caused by the tread on the outside on the tires to be worn down. Highway driving can even cause your tires to blow out!

Taking care of your ties is more important than you think, especially if you are driving in multiple weather conditions frequently.

Warming the car up

Once upon a time, when you started a car, it was wise to let it warm up. With today’s cars, there is enough lubrication; you don’t need to let it stand idle and warm up.

Engines aren't intended to sit idling for long periods of time; idle too long and a build-up can develop on your spark plugs, which can make them less efficient. Not only does it ruin the engine, but it also wastes petrol.

Remember, to get your car serviced on time as this will stop the process of premature ageing. Spend some extra money on car wax, better quality fuel or even a cover.  Combine these great tips with some effort and care, and your car will be running for years to come.

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