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Where do you Store your Movie and TV Series Collections?

If you have a collection of DVDs and video cassettes, you’ve probably been thinking about everything from sale value to DVD storage solutions. Is it a good idea, for instance, to keep your physical collection of movies? If so, is there a proper way to store DVDs? What kind of regular care do video cassettes need to stay in good condition? And, when you’re ready to sell, how can you maximise the price of your movie collection? 

With so many movie enthusiasts turning to online streaming services, DVDs and video cassettes are becoming nostalgic, vintage items. And this Spacer guide is all about how to care for those wonderful pieces of movie history.

Find out what’s valuable

When it comes to value, video cassettes and DVDs are much like any other collectable item. Some are going to be worth a lot of money, while others will be worth nothing more than recycling. Knowing where your movie collection falls will help you decide what to do with your VHS tapes and DVDs. 

These are some of the titles that tend to have the highest resale value:

  • Vintage Disney VHS tapes. Disney lovers are nostalgic, and you’d be amazed at how much you can fetch for those classic VHS tapes. In fact, eBay Australia reported a sale in 2018 of over $20,000 for a single Special Edition Mulan VHS. The prices have since dropped, but it’s well worth it to check if your Disney VHS tapes are valuable. Pay close attention to whether your tapes have a black diamond on the spine, indicating that they’re part of the Black Diamond Edition released between 1984 and 1994.

  • Select horror films. Vintage horror movies are more valuable than you might expect, although it can be difficult to know whether you’ve got a unique, sought-out horror film, or just an outdated failure. Anything between the 60s and 90s in the horror genre has potential, so it’s worth looking on some message boards and comparing on eBay to see if you have something that could attract the attention of vintage horror film fanatics. Prices for these can range anywhere from $20 to hundreds, even thousands, of dollars depending on the film and condition.

  • Cultural milestones. There are some films that are always going to be collectible, simply because they signify a huge cultural shift. Movies like Star Wars, Jaws, the Titanic, and other high grossing films will always have a buyer. 

In addition to these bestsellers, you should also take a closer look at your box sets, special editions, or any titles with a cult following. Do some research for your unique titles to get an idea of whether you have something valuable. 

Some good news and some bad news

The good news is that even in a world of streaming services, your movie collection still probably has some value.

That said, there are some key factors that determine the value of a movie. 

First of all, you can expect to get more for your VHS tapes than DVDs. Buyers are simply more interested in the nostalgia surrounding VHS tapes than DVDs. That said, many more people still have DVD players as compared with VHS players, so DVDs still have a market. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that for a VHS or DVD to be valuable, it needs to be in pristine condition. The highest bidders look for unopened, unwatched movies that can be used as collector’s items. If your family has watched your version of A New Hope every Sunday for the past 10 years, chances are, it’s going to have some wear and tear that will lower the price.

In most cases, you can resell your VHS tapes or DVDs, but not for much more than $10 to $20. EBay, Amazon, and Facebook are all platforms where you can sell your old movies.

What to do with a movie collection that won’t please the collectors

Perhaps you’re disappointed with the realisation that your vintage movie collection isn’t quite as valuable as you thought. Should you throw out the bunch? Should you preserve them in case the value goes up? 

Here’s our suggestion. If you have a movie collection that has personal significance to you and your family, consider holding onto it! Like a photo album or old board games, your family can dig into your VHS or DVD storage any time you’re looking for some quality time together.

And with the right VHS and DVD storage solutions, you can keep those old movies in your family for years to come.

How to create the best VHS and DVD storage setting

Here are some of the top tips for keeping your movie collection in pristine condition:

  • Keep them in the original packaging. If you ever decide to sell your movie collection, having the original packaging will be a key selling point. If you don’t have the original packaging, or you want something even more protective, you can find specially made airtight cases for VHS tapes and DVDs.

  • Don’t overpack. We all remember how fragile those plastic VHS Disney covers were, but even the sturdier DVD cases are prone to damage. Make sure to protect your movie collection by not overcrowding them or stacking them on top of each other. 

  • Store cases upright. In addition to storing them without overcrowding, vertical storage is best for VHS tapes and DVDs. 

  • Invest in the proper VHS and DVD storage solutions.  Since you want to store your movie collection upright and without overcrowding, the ideal storage furniture would be a shelving unit made for those items. Take a look at SpacerStore’s variety of entertainment units for the best VHS and DVD storage ideas.

For long-term storage, you might swap out the shelving unit for stackable boxes or a filing cabinet. 

  • Keep VHS tapes away from magnetic devices. While CDs and DVDs are immune to damage by magnets, VHS tapes should never be stored alongside magnetic devices. This may seem like a simple requirement, but there are a few magnetic household devices that may surprise you. Automatic vacuum cleaners, home stereo speakers, computers, and microwaves all have magnets that could damage VHS tapes. Even some storage cabinets have magnetic doors, so be mindful to steer clear of those.

  • Find the right storage environment. VHS tapes and DVDs will survive much longer in cool, dry, dark storage spaces. That’s because heat and humidity can cause structural damage, while direct sunlight can affect the data on DVDs. VHS tapes are even susceptible to mold-growth, so take extra care with those.

You might find that your entertainment or movie-watching room is already the ideal environment for your movie collection. If that’s the case, simply dust them off from time to time. Or, you might choose to place them in long-term storage where they’ll be safe and sound until you’re ready to pull them out. Take a look at Spacer’s many DVD storage solutions in your area, everywhere from Sydney to Brisbane, there are hundreds of garages, spare bedrooms and storage units for your movie collection!

What’s in store for your video cassettes and DVDs?

Do you think you have some valuable movies in your collection? Are you ready to part ways with some of the VHS tapes of the past? Or are you thinking of the best ways to store that old movie collection so that you can pass it down as a family heirloom?

Whatever your plans for your family of films, Spacer is here with the best VHS and DVD storage solutions!

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