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Where are you Most Likely to get Parking Fines?

Everybody dreads that moment when you reach your car and see a ticket tucked under the windscreen wiper. You’re expecting to get that fine in the mail, and it makes your palms sweat and stomach ache. Here are some of the common places where you’re most likely to get a parking fine.


This is one of the most common places to get parking fines. Because of the dense population, especially around the business districts, you will be extremely lucky to even find a parking spot for the day. Even if you do find one, the parking meters ask for exorbitant hourly rates. Some people are in a rush and make the rash decision to park in a ‘no parking’ zone or a restricted area in the hopes that the parking rangers will overlook their vehicle. In most cases, these individuals will get their vehicle fined and in some cases, towed away.


It’s no secret that the capital of the state NSW has its fair share of parking issues. Suburbs around the CBD are affected the most, with the densely populated area packed during peak business hours and not enough parking spaces along streets and car parks to house all the vehicles. Greenwich in particular has been the target of many park rangers over the last year. Ronald Ave is a popular street for many commuters who are travelling into the city for business. There are actually very few options to park on this avenue legally, with the rule of parking at least 3 metres from double white lines.  As there are no signs to let the public know, many individuals receive fines in the mail for parking illegally.

Central Coast

When people think of the Central Coast in NSW, they think of cooler weather, beaches and peaceful walks. However, parking fines cast a wide shadow across the region, and the Central Coast Council is cracking down on parking limits. Car parks of major supermarkets such as Coles are being watched by the council and any driver caught with an outstanding parking meter ticket will receive an on-the-spot fine. Although it is a secure parking space, you have to be mindful of the time limit.


The capital of Victoria has a similar dilemma to that of Sydney, with car parks charging higher prices for daily parking and people desperately seeking spaces for just a few minutes. You have to be really careful in those certain situations where you need to stop for a couple of minutes, because you never know when a ranger will be around. Pay extra attention to parking signs but don’t get out of your vehicle when reading the signs, as the especially diligent rangers will not hesitate to write out a fine for these offences.

Melbourne Airport

Although there are designated car parks tailored to people who are flying, sometimes these fliers are unwilling to pay the high prices to keep their vehicles secure. There are also some vehicle owners who are less careful than others and may cause damage unwittingly to vehicles parked around them. Parking fines are a common occurrence at Melbourne Airport, with more than 800 being issued every year, becoming a main source of revenue.


In 2016 alone, the council of Canberra collected over 80,000 parking tickets, equating to over $10 million. The suburb of Civic beared the brunt of the fines, with over 29,000 fines being issued, thereby making up a third of the complete fine amount. Canberra Airport was also hit with $125, 000 worth of fines for drivers illegally parking. Phillip was the only other suburb to reach the 7-figure worth, with a third of the amount of fines given in Civic.


Brisbane City Council officers in Brisbane take their jobs very seriously, with officers issuing fines to locals even during wild weather. Viewed as “contributing to congestion”, the council are likely to place tickets in major cities or busy suburbs. Rangers are particularly strict around school zones, with more than 300 fines issued in a school term. The areas around Corinda State High and Somerville House are large contributors, with a total of 185 fines between them. For those who wish to contest their ticket, citizens must go through a three-stage appeals process.

However, make sure to carefully read your ticket as it may just be a warning. In 2015, Brisbane City Council issued over 25,000 non-monetary notices.


Since June of 2016, more than 87,000 fines were issued in the city of Perth, equating to more than $7 million. Recent studies suggest you should be careful on James St, with 7 tickets a day being issued, Francis and Aberdeen St, where 8 fines a day are issued, Murray St where 13 are issued and Hay St, were approximately 16 tickets a day are issued.

The Perth City Council does, however, offer citizens an out for their first fines. This has seen a drop in the amount of repeat offences, with almost half the number of fines being issued than those of last year. A bulk of the parking fines issued came from places such as shopping centres and business districts, which is unsurprising given the amount of traffic that occurs during peak hours. Parking in tow-away zones, no-parking zones and other forms of illegal parking are issued a fine straight away due to the dangerous nature of where they have chosen to park.













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