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Where Are the Best Christmas Light Displays in Australia?

When people talk about the best Christmas light displays on the planet, most would mention New York, Dubai, Madrid, Baltimore or Paris. However, if you’re looking for some astonishing Christmas lights, you might want to visit Australia’s major cities. Here, several suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart put on amazing shows of Christmas lights in December.

What makes a Christmas display awesome?

Most people think the brighter a Christmas display is, the more awesome it looks. Well, that’s not really the case. Christmas displays are properly executed with people using a variety of resources to present one stunning show. It is important to play around with colours, patterns and symmetry to bring the display to a whole new level. Aussies step up the game with musical accompaniment to put on a show, not just a display. One good example is the one showcased by St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney which hosts a choir show every night. Here, melodic voices and twinkling lights combine to present a magical evening.


What really makes a great Christmas display is the execution and the way everything is maximised to get the best out of them. Here is an important consideration: know your lights. There are a variety of Christmas lights such as the standard ones, multi-colour, blinking and LED lights, as well as fairy lights, Bunnings Christmas lights and more. Whilst it is advisable to be consistent, it is also a good idea to experiment with more types of lights for a more festive feel. With this information in mind, it’s time to visit some of the best Christmas light displays in Australia.

1. Boulevard of Lights, Sydney

Millions of Aussies and foreign tourists visit the suburb of Ivanhoe East in Sydney to see the magnificent Boulevard of Lights. Make your way to Pitt Street and there is no way you will miss the more than 80,000 lights making the night glow. Other than the Christmas lights, the area is also a shopping and hangout centre for the locals and visitors.

2. 32 Elia Ware Crescent Christmas Lights, Canberra

Many people say that the 32 Elia Ware Crescent light show is one of the best, if not the best, synchronised lights shows in all of Australia. The show takes place every year in Bonner, where thousands of LED lights dance to classic and pumped-up Christmas tracks for the crowds to enjoy.

3. Hunter Valley Christmas Lights Spectacular, Pokolbin

To paint you a picture of Hunter Valley Spectacular, think about Disney World with everything covered in Christmas lights. It also offers a variety of amazing eats and drinks. In addition, it is an amazing destination for kids. Fairy lights glisten throughout the area for children to enjoy.

4. Lights of Lobethal, Adelaide

Christmas is a big one for the folks of Lobethal. This is not your average display, as most houses in the town are covered with amazing Christmas lights. Bunnings Christmas lights on the roof with Rudolph and the rest of the gang are such a great sight to behold. You’ll see LED lights on the ground and twinkling lights dancing around trees. Most people say the town of Lobethal shines even from far away. Why not visit the town and see it for yourself?

5. Myer Christmas Windows, Melbourne

If you think homes with Christmas lights are beautiful, then you are sure to be taken away by Christmas windows of buildings. Myer Department Store along Bourke St is one particular sight to see. All store windows are decorated with amazing Christmas light displays. There are different ideas like Christmas characters, indoor trees and twinkling products.

6. Palmerston Christmas Tree, Darwin

You can’t talk about Christmas light decorations without a Christmas tree. One of the best Christmas displays in Australia is the Palmerston Christmas tree. A gigantic tree is meticulously covered with all sorts of Christmas lights for thousands of people to see. People from all over Australia actually fly to Darwin just to see the Palmerston Christmas tree lighting.

Brighten up your home

Most people in Australia take Christmas light displays seriously and to heart. You can also see families decorate their garage and garden shed. If you want to give this a try, why not decorate your whole house? You can put up lights in the kitchen, along the stairs, garage, front yard, and garden. If you need space to store all those Christmas decors after the holidays, Spacer has your back. Spacer will assist you in finding the most ideal parking and storage space. Let  us know what you need!

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